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More Blogging for Bear Grylls
30th March, 2007

We are getting this sorted out and my clients are starting to realise the interaction potential of Blogging. So this time it was the turn of Bear Grylls the renown modern day explorer.

I have been managing the Bear Grylls website for around 2 and bit years and it has grown considerably as Bear’s own career has taken off and his TV shows have become hits. The result has seen an unprecedented growth in traffic to his site. The question has been how should we make use of this.

The website is a nice looking, a standard HTML affair, in terms of interaction my first desire was to get a contact form on there, amidst considerable opposition who preferred email links, the problem with email links is that anyone can write whatever they please, with a contact form we can control how people communicate with Bear, there is no doubt this leads to some pigeon holing of fans (sorry), but it does make it a lot easier to manage and communicate back to fans.

Next came the Blog, this in true [email protected] form was based on Blogger, later as requirements dictate I will transfer to WordPress, but for now Blogger is perfect. The design follows closely the standard website as this makes everyone feel at home, our 1 concession at this stage is that Bear has asked for comments to be switched off (even moderated comments are off), this is purely because of the volume of traffic, so sorry fans, for now no comments.

I have also hooked the blog in using the standard Blog format (toolbar along top and Blogspot.com domain name) this is because I wanted to be seen as a Blog and to appeal to a wider community out there. Google I am hoping prefer this approach, but it is a bit of a guess.

Lets see what happens.


  1. What does this mean? Good or Bad…?

  2. I saw last Saturday’s episode of ‘Born Survivor’ and all I can say is:

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