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Bear Grylls – Mission Successful
22nd May, 2007

First my congratulations go out to Bear and Gilo for making the attempt and succeeding to fly over Mount Everest, a truly magnificent achievement and I have to say since this event interest in the Bear Grylls website has gone through the roof.

The Blog was put into place at just the right time. Channel 4 were filming Bear at home, he was preparing and setting out on his latest adventure and all in all the Bear Grylls website was looking the best it ever has done.

Aim of the site is to promote Bear’s speaking career that runs along side his adventures, if you like this is the money making side of his career, he still has to eat. However, if the truth be told there are some major considerations at play here from my (the web developers) point of view.

If emphasis is moved from Bear’s Speaking then this will hurt his long term career as a successful speaker, if to much emphasis is placed on his merchandising agreements with SevenX and others, then this will effect the success of the website and turn it into a ‘shop’ which will not be good in the long term.

Finally, Bear makes a living from other people looking to capitalise on his success, sponsorship, advertising, and charity awareness, all very important, but the balance is definitely critical to Bear. Take a look at his website and then please feel free to comment on what I can do to make a fundamentally better user experience rather than just another self congratulatory website.