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Social Networking – An Idea
25th February, 2009

How can you incorporate social networking into your company website and plan?

It’s a good questiona and here is an idea. Put your clients and customers first and really let them lose on your products and services.

I ended last year by saying 80% of all internet traffic is to the top 20 websites, like eBay, Amazon and the BBC, this excludes search engines like Google and this is the worrying factor. However all is not lost you can:

  1. Set up affilate schemes with Amazon and others allowing you to profit from their websites
  2. You can have a Facebook Group or Event to showcase your company and announce news
  3. You can have a channel all to yourself on YouTube, using your or other peoples collateral
  4. You can sell you product on eBay regardless of whether it is a teaspoon or high tech software consultancy services.
  5. Announce news and views on Twitter

In short you can and should embrace Social Networking websites to your advantage. By including these websites in your overall offering you will be doing the following:

  1. Getting your name out there to a wider broader audience
  2. Promoting links back to your webiste for the ever valuable SEO and Google results
  3. Getting your news, products and updates out to your audience faster and in a way that they appreciate

The days of newsletters and reliance on people visiting you are fast disappearing. For help on getting onto the band wagon, cheaply, effectively and advantageously, please call [email protected] and discuss the huge number of ideas that are out there.