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State of Play – Website Analysis
16th July, 2009

Every month I try to concentrate on something slightly different, this month is analysing your current website status.

This is not easy as I am often (not always) your website designer and therefore that makes looking at your website analysis critically quite hard for me.

But here are some questions about your website, please feel free to respond to them in your own words:

  1. How does your website make you feel? Proud, comfortable, professional, lacking, embarrased, worried?
  2. Does it do it’s job? Well, badly, just about, with out a doubt? Does it pull in enough visitors?
  3. When was the last time a business contact, client, customer, potential, staff said anything about the website? Was it good, positive or negative?
  4. How many ‘deals’ were done because of the website, last week, month or year? Do you even know? If not why not?
  5. What in your mind would improve your website most at this point in time, what would you like it to do more than anything else, right now?

Feel free to answer these questions as honestly as you like. The number one rule in any downturn is to re-evaluate everything. Are you spending the right money in the right place in the right way, could you do better.

As your supplier whether it is hosting, design, newsletters, management, marketing, SEO, we are here to listen and to move your online experience forward.

I recently told a client I was ‘stuffed with ideas’ – we are, nothing is fixed, we can save you money if you need to reduce costs, we can spend money if you want new make a bigger impact, we can focus on niggles or we can redevelop full scale projects, never before has [email protected] been able to offer so many different services.

But that is the root of the problem, never before have there been so many things to do and say online. Be prepared for change.

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