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The art of updating websites
19th September, 2009

Okay this month I need to make something clear – I get numerous requests to allow people to update their own website, text, photos and so on. I charge my fees and then make this all possible.

However all too frequently I am finding that clients aren’t using the tools I give for them updating websites either properly or at all.

The fundamental issue is that updating a website takes time and effort, either you pay someone to do it or you do it yourself. What you cannot do is ignore these updates, that creates a lose lose situation.

However what we are finding here at [email protected] is that people are asking for the functionality to allow them to use simple services like Picasa or Twitter or even a Blog and then calling us to instruct them on how they work.

I plead and beg you not to get into this. Consider carefully your time available and your own abilities to deal with technology. By being realistic about your abilities to update your own website you will get a better return on invest than trying to cut your costs all the time.

We don’t grow our own food, or teach our children school work or try to advise ourselves on medical issues – we leave all those jobs to the people that are best able to deal with them.  The same rules apply to your website designer… Giving you the tools to update your own website is only practical if you are going to use them as they are meant to be used. Otherwise I really do recommend you just get me to do your updates. It is easier and often has a better ROI in the long run.

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