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The Future of Web Now
19th October, 2009

I should be talking about Christmas and what you can do to boost your website for the busiest time of year, but you know what you have to do, so please just contact me.

More interesting is a quick look at what the future of web is bringing very shortly. In days gone by your website probably represented 95% of your online marketing strategy, but this is no more, some food for thought:

  1. Free verses paid – Facebook, Twitter, Social Networking, like it or not, everyone is doing it and you should be too! Sorry, it is now just the way it is.
  2. Search Engines – its money for old rope… if you can do well in the search engines your business will gain exponentially. I cannot put it simpler than that, £1500 spent on SEO will more than pay for itself in the long run.
  3. Content Management, Blogs and e-Newsletters – a reaction is occurring as companies fail to put in adequate resource to this vital area. Better to give it back to the webmaster that’ll make sure your website is updated
  4. Email – this is about to revolutionised, see www.google.com/wave to see the future of email, in a nutshell you’ll have a combined email and instant messaging service allowing you to collaborate in real time. Watch out for this one.
  5. Mobile – you have seen the iPhone this area is set to only get bigger, you don’t need a special website for mobiles, but you might need an app or gadget to sell service directly to your market.
  6. HTML5 – we are currently using a version of the Internet that is over 10 years old. Forces are at work to completely revolutionise this. You’ll no longer need windows or a computer to access the internet, perhaps just a table on which you can write direct. It’s all been done, this is not a perhaps
  7. Touch Screen Monitors – the next generation of hardware is likely to mean instead of using the mouse to control things you just touch the screen like you do your phone at the moment.

The future of the Internet is really going to be dramatic now, 2010 will be the year where most of what I have mentioned will happen (hold me to it), what this means for you, sadly, is that your website will probably constitute 30-40% of your online presence. And you need to consider the implications of that.

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  1. I was wrong about Google Wave, that demised in 2012, but actually did it? We now have a dozen communication tools from http://www.slack.com to http://www.teamwork.com all purporting to remove email from your life and replace it with a mixture of instant chat and messaging.

    Seriously though email has been revolutionised with the rise of Office365 and Google Apps for Business, email is now much better in the ‘cloud’ and online and available to all devices wherever you are.

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