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2011 – A Quick Start Guide
18th January, 2011

The year has started with a jolt, so here’s a brief list of things to watch for as far as your website is concerned.

  • Social – it’s still here and growing… don’t under estimate Facebook for your business, regardless of whether you have 3 clients or 3000, Facebook is after your money and will bend over backwards to accommodate Businesses in 2011.
  • Video – it promised to be big in 2010 and it was – Video is going to continue growing and it is the number one best way to get your message across on the web today – if you can get it right – YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.
  • Mobile – ‘fraid that is still around as well, 7 million iPads sold to date, you cannot underestimate this and if you are wondering how you can make your website work on Mobile you really need to call me.
2011 is going to see a lot of continuation from last year as companies and suppliers recuperate from the recession and really start to push their products.
What’s not so hot at the moment:
  • Email and Newsletters – their demise continues as Spam remains such a massive problem.  Email marketing remains difficult to capitalise on.
  • Multiple websites – Google wants you to put all your energy into a single website. Loads of domains and micro sites are increasingly hazardous – consolidation
  • Content Management Solutions – there is a definite growth WordPress and Magento, but the time people have to update their own website is increasingly limited. With all the social media out there, you need to farm out the basic updates.
The over riding trend will be for smaller websites, more social media and attempting to contact your clients in the channels that they are active in.  Community building with customers and client – it can’t be bad.