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Blogging – what’s it for?
15th December, 2011

I thought I’d refocus attention on the Blog for a bit… Why do we do it, why do we recommend scratching heads, thinking of ideas, jotting things down, planning what to say, creating stories, digging out news and the odd photo.  What is the point of a Blog.

The answer is as always with the Internet thee days, it’s complicated.  The Blog however should be seen as a massively useful tool for your on-line presence, here then are a few top reasons in my view.

  1. Interaction – Blogs allow your customers and target audience to publicly interact with your company, service or personal ideas.  Customers can comment directly on your articles and say what they think of you.  I always recommend answering them however negative their views might be.
  2. Responsiveness – Blogs allow you to be flexible – you don’t have to stick to the corporate Branding… if anything I don’t self promote enough, in fact I rarely promote anything at all.  Blogs give freedom to express your ideas beyond the website.
  3. Planning – Blogs are essential to planning your campaigns, if you put a Blog at the very centre of your marketing strategy, then it makes newsletters, mailing lists, social media, website content much much easier – no longer do you need to think up 3 stories for the e-Blast, no longer do you need to find a home for that Video you made the other day.
  4. Technical – it really is easier to update a Blog than having to constantly edit your website, it’s also extremely search engine friendly, often articles in Blogs appear on Google within days.  You can also customise Blogs easily adapting to your latest logo and colour scheme.
  5. Fun – I’m going to add this, because there is nothing better than getting real feedback for what you’re doing… encourage comment, ask for opinions, ask questions, encourage debate and participate… just as you want people to contribute to your block, write on other peoples Blogs to.  It all adds the fun.
Now for a couple of hints and tips… whose reading your Blog anyway?
  1. A major goal should be to encourage people to ‘subscribe’ to the Blog… if they subscribe they will get email updates (just like newsletters) each time you update the blog… This can almost replace the need for separate newsletters.
  2. RSS Feeds – you can use the data from the Blog feed in many different ways, form allowing people to follow you, to publishing your Blog on Facebook and Twitter, you can add Blog content to your website and manipulate the data as you see fit.

The answer to whose reading your Blog is as many people as possible, the more the better… But like everything this has to be encouraged and promoted.  But the more relevant and thought provoking content you can provide and the wider you can distribute this content the bigger your readership will be, which in turn makes it all extremely relevant to your overall web presence.

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