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2012 – Who will you be employing this year?
2nd January, 2012

And so we march into the New Year, I hope it will be a happy and prosperous one for everyone.

No predictions from me, I’m afraid, but instead I have list of Jobs you should be employing someone for this year:

  1. Blogging – this is getting serious now, having a Blog is now defacto and essential to your website presence, but why stick at one, there’s WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace, TypePad to name just a few… your SEO and website should be on all of them!

    Hire someone to run your blogs, because it’s now becoming a full time job.

  2. Social Media – This was last years news, but it sticks ever more to the top of a corporate agenda, with the introduction of Google + it’s more important than ever.  Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn remain the three biggies, but Google + is right there and there are going to be some major moves in this direction.

    Hire someone to run your social media, it remains essential to backing up your whole on-line effort.

  3. Mobile – The rise of the mobile phone and iPhone, iPad and Android is relentless, but you cannot just stick your website on it, it won’t cut it… you need tailored, relevant and immediate content for the Mobile phone.  Running an iPad is almost harder than making it.

    Hire someone to manage your mobile content, it will pay dividends this year and may even transform the way you do business all together.

  4. Archiving – For years you’ve been gathering photos, creating content, writing brochures, newsletters… why do companies let all that hard work go to waste… yes times move on, but without a historical caretaker you are wasting so much effort.

    Hire someone to sort out the old photos, organise your content, sort your address book out and manage a strategy to make all this information useful.

  5. Content Management – Separated from and archivist, you need strategy and direction for the future needs of the company – whose going to take what photos, planning the Christmas Product Launch, the Summer Sale – it can’t be done last minute any more, it has to be factored into the plan.

    Hire someone to form, manage and enact a full content strategy for the website and all of the above.

All of the above could be full time jobs in their own right and there is no limit to any of their jobs, save the Archivist if you haven’t gathered very much content to date.
The real issue though is that at the heart of your Internet Strategy you to produce collective, relevant and frequent content about your product or service to stay in the main stream of the Internet.  Things have gotten way beyond leaving it at just a website and the web is going to favour those that invest now!