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SEO – Expansion Plans
9th July, 2012

SEO is expensive – it has also been called an art form, a hit and miss affair, the wild west of websites, the make or break of a website.

The truth is that it’s just plain essential – what point is there in having a website is a paltry 100 people a month visit it, mainly your employees to boot?  We have to look at this pragmatically – you need Google and your need search engine optimisation – yet this remains the dark horse, the open cheque book, impossible to verify, quantify or work out in terms of ‘return on investment’

Well we’ve expanded into their area and we’re planning to expand more.  The aim is to simply shed a bit of light into the darkness, I believe by clear explanation, the right tools and the ability to be responsive to client needs we can make a big difference to your website.  And we have the examples to back this up, whereas a website was getting 6,000 visitors a month, we can show 10,000, where as a customer was getting £60k revenue we can show £120k.

SEO is not only big business – but holds the key to your future on-line.

Our Current Service
We’ve believed for a long while that good ranking on search engines involve three core factors:

  1. Fresh content – you need to keep updating your website
  2. Good mark-up code  – from meta-tags, keywords and description to images with sensible names
  3. Quality not quantity links – respected websites are liked by other people
So let’s break this down a little bit:
Fresh Content
This is the domain of the client – we’ve recommended blogs, news, and dynamic websites that have easy to update bits, from social media to slide-shows.  For some clients we taken this much much further building websites that generate pages and pages of quality and valid content.
Good Coding
We always build our website to the latest trends, age does tell on a website, but we always use the latest coding techniques, providing light, fast loading, semantic and correct code.  We’ve always used Meta-tags for our Keywords and Description, we’ve always used Image Alt Tags, and called our files sensible understandable names instead of image01.jpg, image02.jpg.
Quality Link Building
We employ two main techniques here, partly to keep the endless workload and therefore costs down.  We ask client’s to write articles on their chosen areas of expertise – then we submit these articles to respected and known websites and if they like the articles they publish them with a link back to our sites.  Google picks up on this and gives us credit for being authoritive within our field.
What we’ve been lacking
What is more difficult for us to know and act about market knowledge.  You know your business and you know where you want your business to go. That needs to be relayed through to us so that we can steer your website in the right direction.
We also need to pass feedback back to you (we try with monthly and weekly reporting) we need to tell you more pro-actively that if you change the content of x-page then we’ll get a better result.
And finally we need a way to fix things, many clients update their own websites through CMS (content management systems) and while that is a huge time saver all around, mistakes occur and these can be very harmful to SEO.  Things need fixing to provide a better and better service.
So we’re hired some help from our newest team member Charlie,  his role is to fix all the bits we’ve been missing, and fill the gaps we’ve identified.. briefly this is what he can offer you:
  1. Website Updates – fixing issues surrounding SEO and general maintenance, fixing links, adding meta-tags, improving images etc.
  2. Recommendations – our reports often encourage us to either target specific keywords that are more likely to lead to a sale and to identify pages on a website that can be improved to lead to more sales.
  3. Flexibility – we can become much more responsive to needs, if you need a Christmas offer to go up or a specific keyword or want to target a specific audience we can adjust our services to meet demand.
There is a cost to all this, but before you worry about the costs, if you’re already using our SEO services chances are we can include this new service (call us) otherwise we’re looking at pricing starting at about £150 per month.
Do I recommend this – absolutely – SEO is a vital part to your website and if you want sales or additional visitors to your website then you need to ensure that it ranks well on Google.  But rather than buy into some unheard of outfit over a telephone call, please consider us for a proper evaluation of your needs and requirements.