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You’re spending far to little money
6th May, 2013

This Blog is written primarily for existing clients and perhaps to give an oversight to prospective clients in the pipeline and then after that, we’re not too worried who reads these words.  This allows a certain amount of freedom in what’s written, so every now and again it’s good to look at the same picture from a slightly different angle.

This Bank Holiday morning, we’ve just been through all the new articles on Google Reader checking out what’s going on in the world of Internet Marketing and it’s nothing short of staggering.  There is so much we could be doing, but simply do not have the beginnings of of the resources to do it. Clients could be spending 10 or 20 times the amount they currently spend with us now and every penny of it would be worth while.

Some examples just for you you think about:

  1. Market Analysis – how much do you really know about the types of clients or customers you’re targeting, our attempts to actually work this out is nothing short of lame.  In reality your sales would increase significantly if you were selling to the right people.

    You can now work out social classes, ethnic origins, financial capabilities, demographics, location, mobility, gender, family status, education absolutely everything…

    Imagine being able to market your ladies size 39 shoes to only ladies with size 39 feet, you can do it with the right research.

  2. Design Improvements – which clients test their websites on their customers, in fact which clients test their own website periodically and then writes down a list of actions that would improve the system, I can give you the answer – zero.  It is notoriously difficult for a business to work out what is wrong with their own website and all too often the answer seems to be start again.

    But these days you can test everything, colours, photos, buttons, what you say, what you think, AB Testing, email testing, checkout testing, do more people buy using PayPal or some other payment system.  Guess shopping, enquiry forms, online quotes, every last detail can be tested.

    Examples abound, if you change the colour of a button from Green to Red you’ll get an immediate 21% increase in people clicking that button.  It’s proven adding PayPal as a payment option increases sales but about 18% on average.  You need to investigate the facts and make changes based on that.

  3. Mobile Revolution – Everything is about Mobile now, problem is what does it mean, with so many platforms, sizes, phones, digital devices and things are definitely not going to get easier, but what choice do you have, if your website or internet efforts do not work on every device imaginable that equates to loss sales.

    The analogy here is equivalent to going on holiday to a Hotel that advertised 5 pools and a choice of restaurants in tranquil settings, but on arrival you find 3 pools under renovation and builders pneumatic drills going all day.  What do you do – you leave and more to the point you don’t return anywhere near the place ever.  This is precisely what is happening with your websites.

    Something like 88% of searches for something begin on a Mobile Phone, if you’s a result and it does not work, that customer will never return to your website on any device no matter how god your website.

So – where’s all this information coming from and how do you work it out and what are your next steps.

The information all comes from your existing Statistics and more importantly your Social Media activity.   For 9 out of 10 so called ‘free’ services users are asked for personal information, then users are asked to share every aspect of their daily lives with those websites.  The result is that Facebook really do have a lot of data at their disposal and by and large they are happy to share it with you (for a fee).

Working all this out is then up to you, but tools abound in this area and are no longer in the domain of marketeers, they are available to anyone.  What is needed though is a very clear Marketing Plan, that outlines how everything you do fits together.  From that you can co-ordinate the plan and really make it work.

Your Next Steps
In reality the major next step is a radical reworking of your available budget for your website – true online success is going to cost money… but the returns are there for the taking with right approach.

Clients happy to spend a couple of hundred quid on a website, or perhaps invest a few hundred in some SEO or Adwords advertising are all very well, but the big returns and the big bucks are got those with bigger wallets.

You can look at this from the point of view of a new café opening… an entrepreneur will probably raise a bit of finance, from family, friends or a bank.  But would they have cardboard box tables, would the missing out the light fittings and leave bear bulbs, would they forget to pain the loo just to save money… absolutely not.

This goes further because if you think in terms of ‘content’ the new café would have a menu of sorts, tea cakes, breakfast croissants and so on – would they make these available to only some customers, or perhaps leave out sugar from all the ingredients?

All obviously not…  surely the same applies to a website.  If you want the website to be successfully, you need the money, you need the planning, you need the décor, furniture, light shares, you need to be on the right street, and finally you need the right content (the food and drink) that is really going to pulling in the customers.