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A First – A Limitation on your Email Accounts
28th October, 2013

With the rise of iPads and iPhones and other connected devices has come the inevitable rise in wanting your email anywhere anytime is totally understandable.

However, a brief explanation is required to ensure understanding of what we’re about to do.

Email that is sent to you is stored on our servers – until such time as your email program requests it to be delivered to whichever device you need it on.  In the old days – like that was a long time ago – the email would have been downloaded onto your PC, therefore removing itself from our servers.

But this all presented a problem, if you downloaded the email onto your PC, how would your phone be able to see it, being no longer on our servers effectively meant no other device could see the emails in question.

The solution is really rather simply – you can leave a copy of the email on the server and thereby which ever mobile or access you chose to read your email by would have instant access to all your email. A further benefit of this method is that all your email is automatically backed-up so great news if you lose your phone.  Now the problem is that everyone wants to leave their email on our servers and we can’t really cope with that.

If you’ve ever wondered how many emails you have just look at your sent folder and double it, it’s probably thousands and all that takes up Space on a computer somewhere, these days it will take up space on your PC, Mobile, iPad and sadly our servers as well.  And we just don’t have enough space any more.

Well that’s not quite true – we do have space – it just costs money.  So here’s three ways we can solve this problem.

  1. We love Google – and you can transfer your email services to Google any time you like… There’s big advantages, lots of space, a buch of Addons like; Calendars, Contacts, Documents, more importantly you get truly access from any device, any time, any where and it’s all wonderfully reliable and backed up.

    The cost is £33 per email address per year and we can do all the setting up for you.

  2. You operate within our limits – we’re going to start restricting your individual email accounts to 1 year’s worth of activity – if you’re using too much ‘Space’ – older emails will start to be removed.  We sorry it’s just seems the best way to do this.
  3. You could pay a bit more – we’re happy to give you more Space, sadly not an infinite amount, but certainly enough to keep you happy.  If you’ve a lot of email addresses or you really do want to use our servers as a back up for all your email – then we can do that.

    The cost is £35 per year per 1GB… At the moment this will effect hardly anyone.

So what will happen is this… as I see email accounts getting bigger and bigger, I’ll send out the odd alert not to you and ask you want you want to do.  It’s a simple choice, between, free, medium and organisational change with Google.  I myself use Google and it works really well, so that has to be worth considering.

What we can’t allow any more, sadly is for a few customers to use copious amounts of our resources in an totally unlimited way. It just prevents us from providing the best service we can to everyone.