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Conversion Optimisation is the new SEO
27th November, 2013

I won’t lie to you, we’re re-positioning ourselves, we’re targeting higher paying customers for higher quality work, but we’re justifying that by giving far greater value.

A problem all Website Designers face is that they charge their clients for the work they do.  But they don’t benefit if the website is a success… I might have charged £10,000 to build Instagram, and many a client has asked me for a version of Facebook for under 10 grand.  The price you pay is not linked to what you may get back from your website.

The same goes for the reverse – if you’re starting up and can only put in £200 towards your website, that’s the quality/value you are likely to get out of it… yet realistically if you’re starting up that’s when you need the all singing all dancing website that going to make you your millions (I mean why else are you starting up?).

So the value of your website is unrelated to the value you may get out of it.  And that is something we are looking to correct.  We are looking to partner with our clients more than ever and strongly believe this is beneficial to both parties.

One area this works well is of course SEO, getting to the top of Google remains a very important strategy for anyone with a website, but you’re forgetting the reason you have a website, SEO is to narrow and besides these days SEO includes far more than just Google, SEO includes a wealth of research, numerous technologies and a lot of time spent working out where to go next.

All things we do far to little of.  Now if I analyse that last statement just a little, the question of Why? arises, why don’t I do more? I’m being paid for it (sometimes), but why not just do more.  The most probably answer is that it’s daunting.  There is so much to do and a lot of it is very complicated, here at NCompass we have three people involved with SEO, we risk falling foul of Google, we risk not heeding Bing enough, we risk websites not working on Mobile and that’s before we even think about the impact of Social Media.

So, to bring this all down to earth again and make it all manageable I am of the opinion that we need to strip things back to basics.  Why do we have a website? To sell our services, to promote our brand, what are the reasons for the website.  Next we have to understand that for our website to work people have to contact us.  It’s more or less that simple.

Welcome to the world of Conversion Optimisation and why it benefits all of us.  Conversion Optimisation just tries to make sure all the necessary pieces of the puzzle are in place to encourage a user to convert on the website.  I leave the definition of a Conversion to you, it might be a sale, a view of a document or specific page, whatever you propose.  But the essence is at the core, if a user carries out a desired action on the website – that’s surely the purpose of the website and a credit to your business.

No longer do we have to worry about Hits, Visitors, Google, Links, Promotion and all of that, it will come naturally based on the need to convert.  We know what has to be done because through analysis we can tell what makes people Convert on a website.  I have two further thoughts, firstly the higher the conversion rate the more Google will rank your website (the ultimate SEO goal) and secondly it is better to service a few clients well than a lot of clients badly, so ‘getting-rid-of-the-trash’ has to be a worthwhile exercise.

Conversion Optimisation covers the very principals of having a website in the first place, more leads, more sales, better results on Google and higher quality audience.  It’s a win win situation.

The practicalities however are numerous, access is required to the full range of tools and websites of a client, and there is a far greater need for both collaboration and client participation than ever before, if you like a truer partnership between us and you.

And finally, one other problem is solved, through increased partnership with you we can grow to as our remuneration can be directly linked to your success. It should be a win win all round.  If you’re interested drop us a line of leave a comment.