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2014 Trends so far
16th January, 2014

I love sitting down at a blank page and just setting off on a ramble. I know what I want the title to be – Trends for 2014 so far – but the rest I’m making up.

Why bother with this – clients want to know where their websites are going and they look to us to provide some of that information.  With that information they can continue to grow their marketing and Internet presence and influence.  Our expertise is based on our experience, anyone who does something a long time (16 years) must have some experience to draw on.

So what’s going to be big in 2014:

  • One Page Websites
    Think about it, it’s what we’ve always wanted – everything you need to know on a single page. Whoever thought we needed more must be off their rocker, all we need is the answer to our query and possibly a contact number to call someone up.
  • Stories
    I love this idea – explain your product with a story, as one client put it, anyone can make any of our products, so all we really have is the story.  The story is rather magical to though, it’s much more fun and interesting, I’m looking forward to more stories.
  • The Light Touch
    Gone are the bad old days of sell sell sell and advertising aggressively with eyeballs being all that matters, tomorrows advertisers are going to talk to us – however lowly we are in their eyes – to succeed in advertising today you need to communicate with your customers, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.
  • And lastly – Lifestyle
    We going to see an awful lot more technology fitting into our lifestyle, whereas you used to have to go to a computer in the corner of the room, now you’ll look at a wristband while jogging, read the news on the train, turn your lights off remotely. This lifestyle technology is hitting our selves now.
So there we are – a small take on some of the things that we think will happen in 2014, the main take away is that things are going to finally become a little bit simpler, and obtainable.
As usual though, in our experience, it’s going to happen online and on your websites first!