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2015 – 5 Predictions of what we’re in for!
16th January, 2015

Happy New Year to all those we haven’t yet wished it on, I hope 2015 will be as good and fruitful as ever.  Here’s a quick if not belated round of up some of the things we might expect in the Website world.

  1. Social Media – for the last few year with the rise of social media and blogging – emphasis has been significantly on getting out there and getting your name onto those websites. The ROI has been questionable, but that not fully the point, it’s more a case of corporate entities are swamping peoples personal spaces and this is switching people off using Social Media.

    On top of this companies are understanding that they don’t own their data or customers on Social Media and other websites.

    Prediction: We will see growing mistrust of social media and fewer benefits for ordinary companies.  This will gather momentum slowly at first.

  2. Re-focus on Website – Now that Social Media and Blogging are set up – it will be time for businesses to refocus their efforts on their own websites, technologies in this area are expanding fast and with Google requiring ever more ‘fresh content’ to boost websites – Companies will need to get their Content Strategies in line.

    Prediction: A lot more work to keep websites updated, current and fresh.  Redesigns will be prolific – if you look at High Street brands – those that got their website right had the highest growth last year.

  3. IoT (Internet of Things) – New-comer to the block – we’re going to see a huge rise in where the Internet reaches – we’ve heard about it for ages, Smart Fridges and Connected Cars – but this is becoming increasingly main stream.

    Yes – Google has ditched it’s Google Glass – but only because the hardware didn’t look right. In reality the places we will see the IoT’s is in cars, on planes, in hotel rooms, taxis, and of course on our Mobiles

    Prediction: It’s all gathering pace, the biggest selling gadgets of 2014 were wearable tech, wrist bands, watches.  This will continue right through to next Christmas

  4. Security – We had the first inklings of change as Google started supporting HTTPS and some pretty major flaws in Internet security surfaced last year.  This year we’re going to have to take security of our websites far more seriously.

    Increasing amounts of the services we use are with fewer companies, exposing our data to more risk of being hacked or stolen, suppliers of services will increase security and we will have to follow suit.

    Prediction: Expect more passwords and 2 step entry to websites and services you use.

  5. Email Wars – No longer Browser Wars (although that is a battle waiting to resurface) – this year will see Google and Outlook.com increase the stakes – all ready we resell both services to end clients, but both services are good, both make sense, both offer email on the go – from multiple devices and both come with a dozen extras.

    But will the concept of charging X per month per email address really work for the smaller consumer – not all the issues are ironed out yet and there is a lot to compete for.

    Prediction: People will continue to move away from self hosted or corporate hosted email – if you want to use a Domain Name in your email – it would be no bad thing to subscribe to either Google or Outlook.com and people will be forced to it because of their need to have email reliability on the go.

And those are our main five predictions for 2015, much builds on last year – fundamentally we’re seeing more consolidation between the biggest players, Google, Microsoft, Apple, the rise of Gadgets will only get bigger, yet we will increasingly become aware that our data is being used by these companies and there will be resentment for that.