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Expansion Plans Afoot
26th February, 2015

We’re excited and getting more excited every day, the work continues to flow our way and we have you our clients to thank for that.  There’s a lot to do and the beginning of 2015 has seen us in a flying start to the New Year.  I suspect the only reason it still feels like a New Year because time is literally flying past.

All good signs so it is time to take a small step back and decide just what is going on, mostly it’s a reiteration of some core services and new ones:

  • Content is king and it seems our support for clients and their website is paying off… we maintain virtually all the websites we build, this is a win win for everyone as we chop, change and manage your websites.  You get the SEO boost you need, the website is a vibrant and on-going asset to your business and we can do all the background work.

    Our Service: is to maintain and manage your website long after it’s been built.

  • Fulfilment is one the cards, we do so much work for eCommerce websites, often small start ups that need to organise more than just their websites, so we can store, pick, pack and post products for clients.

    This is a completely new service but is a completely natural progression for us, we often become so involved in Customer Care, Business Processes, Order Management that to actually put products in the post seems obvious.  And we have the space to store masses of product if needed.

  • SEO has never been in such demand, but it’s a tough game, we admit it and the one thing we can’t afford to do is under-estimate the value of Content… We’ve changed our prospective on SEO and how we go about doing it – we need your understanding on this, it less about keywords and ranking and more about getting sales and conversion.

    Expect more change in SEO and the product offering we supply.

  • CMS, we’re used to a whole variety of ways to update a website, from Shopify to Magento for eCommerce, through to WordPress, Joomla and Basic HTML we can do them all.

    But the time has come to concentrate on our own in-house CMS – known to some of you already as Fyneworks or FWX.  This application is improving in functionality in leaps and bounds and the power of the system out ranks any other system we’ve seen and can be applied to the smallest website to the largest eCommerce solution.

    What started as a simple per need solution has developed into something without limits.

All in all, I’m sharing ideas of how we can help you further.  Busy we are, but equally we moving into new territory where we can make website, better, faster and with more bells and whistles than ever before.
Our mantra has always been ‘putting business on the ‘Net’, the idea being that we take solid, proven ideas and make then happen for clients, but for the first time I’m getting the real feeling that we’re moving ahead of ourselves with the ideas and innovations we’re starting to use.
Hopefully a bright Summer awaits us.