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SEO Tools for 2015
21st September, 2015

Following an invite from Jon over at RavenTools we sent two of our SEO guys to BrightonSEO, a conference for search marketing experts, with great results, enjoyable, professional and extremely informative, here is a round up of some of the SEO Tools for 2015 that are worth watching out for.

  1. Buzzsumo – http://buzzsumo.com/
    Shows all content and where it’s been shared, by who and lists the backlinks of a piece of content.  Great for understanding the content value that you are producing.The way it works is you type in a keyword / keyphrase and it brings up a list of articles based on that keyword – shows how many shares that post has had and shows where, by who and allows you to see the number of backlinks that article has

    Buzzsumo also gives us an understanding of what’s currently out there on a given a topic enabling us to to do it better, great for and competition analysis.

    ​Pricing is $99 a month

  2. Wordle – http://www.wordle.net/
    Generates “Word Clouds” – the bigger the word, the more pronounced it is on a webpage – allows a quick and free way to see what are the dominating words on any webpage – i.e. allows us to see what useful keywords there are.
  3. EpicBeat – http://epicbeat.epictions.com/#/
    Monitors popular content – people – companies across all social channels. Delivers intelligent insights in the areas of content strategies & influence marketing. We tried it out for some of our websites, and it worked well for keywords. It’s free – usable – but not yet good enough in our opinion – one to watch though.
  4. Huballin – http://huballin.com/
    Generates content ideas through keyword usage. Slow to gather data and we have yet to see the full extent of what it does.  However it has a free version so could be useful.
  5. Local SEO Tips & Tools
    These are some guidelines that Greg Gifford (Self proclaimed best top dog in SEO across America and the world – admittedly he was very good and instantly knew what we were talking to him about when we asked him questions so can see why he proclaims this):

  6. Streak – https://www.streak.com/
    I’ve been working my way through Streak which is a cool add-on that only works on Chrome and Safari and not Firefox. There’s a free section (which I’m using) and a pro and expert services) Really useful tool to organise gmail.
  7. Recruit’em – http://recruitin.net/
    A tool that was used to generate leads for more business by one of the presenters.
  8. Kerboo – https://kerboo.com/
    A useful tool in order to do a full Link Audit for a site.  This website provides a quick list of links that can then be submitted for Disavowing – easier than for us to write them all down and go through individually.  Sadly it’s an expensive option. at £149 a month!

Our favourites especially for local SEO were Buzzsumo and Kerboo which we were given free access to for 3 months – so now is the time to go through everyone’s Backlinks.




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