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Expansion Plans for NCompass.
29th April, 2016

Since this is a Blog that is entirely aimed at our Clients and should anyone else read it then excellent.  But news for our clients is important and the changes that are going on within NCompass worth knowing:

New Staff

We welcome Robert Grant ([email protected]) to the team in Dorset, with unlimited years of Internet Service and work, Robert has extensive knowledge of the Internet and the various languages and skill sets required to be a Web Design.  Robert is also a part time Martial Arts instructor.  His main contribution to the team will be to manage clients websites.

Tim moves up a level, we don’t really have levels here, but some element of organisation is required and Tim is doing more and more of it… However right now he’s off on Holiday, but when he returns hopefully he’ll be looking at ways to make the whole team more efficient.

New Offices

Hurrah for London – here we come, we can’t fully announce the details just yet, but it looks like a London Office is in the pipeline.  Led by Diego the time has come to formally open office in London, this will do two things, a) it will give us far greater access to clients in London and b) it will allow us to use the talent and connections we have in London.

It’s all part of the move from being a small band of like-minded people to being a bigger and more professional company.  We very much have the skills within [email protected], it a question of making those skills readily available to our clients

New Services

Speaking and touring is now very much on our agenda.  The knowledge we have as a group is extensive, equally the time we have to implement it is limited.  There are so many contributions clients can make to their own success and daily there are so many services becoming available for marketing that we want to share this service.  Asking NCompass to speak at an event or to be part of a training day for clients is a realistic and plausible reality.

More mundanely, we have started an Updating Service for clients with Magento or WordPress websites (and other platforms) – so often you log into your website Admin and it says, Security Risk or Time to Update… we’ve long held the belief that incremental updates are less risky for clients. So make a quick call through to us, or drop us an email and we can quote you as little as £20 per month to completely look after your WordPress installation.  We’ll offer the service for any platform that your website is build on.

We’ll have more news on NCompass shortly, things are hotting up here and the next few months should prove interesting to say the least.

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