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Web Design – What a Mess!
24th May, 2016

I’m confused and stressed, website are becoming more complicated by the day and where is it all going anyway?  Web Design – it’s a mess at the moment, I have two main dividing forces in me for the future, but what’s your take? what are your thoughts?

I love technology, but I see computers and in particular mobiles as a means to an end, a half way stage, why are we carrying these blocks of glass and silicon around with us, why can’t we be more human and just express ourselves with gestures and talking, after all that is what true communication is – isn’t it?  Nothing wrong with the written word, but do we have to write everything down?

So are websites at a half way house stage as well?  What is around the corner, what will the modern website be like, we had Web 2.0, but that was years ago, now we’ve have ‘responsive’ or ‘mobile’, next please!.

I see this going two ways:

  1. Commoditisation.
    Website will be treated like commodities, there will only be a few huge website like Amazon for shopping, Facebook for communicating, a couple of news websites, i.e. the very big ones will continue to get bigger.  For the rest of us to succeed we will need to be a part of these websites, we’ll need to advertise on Facebook, get listed on Amazon and be part of other ‘Eco-spheres’.

    This is a complete return to some sort of ancient way of doing business, getting our products and services into someone else’s shop window.  I don’t really have a problem with this, except to say the current state of play is massive, there are so many websites for us to sign up to, so many passwords, services, platforms, it’s what I call a Mess!

    However with big business increasingly wanting to take over the running of the Internet there’s going to be at some point a huge consolidation of the internet as we move from individual websites to getting out message out through these far bigger outlets.

    In this world, I see a company pointing their one page website to their main outsourced 3rd party.

  2. Specialisation.
    Somewhat at the complete other end of the scale, and with user needs and trends in mind we have website specialisation – this is where you might set up a website for one specific piece of information, a cause, a promotion, a product or a specific service.  The game plan here is to understand that when someone wants to know something (via Google these days) they want the answer fast.  They do not want to wade through all your services, products and other stuff.

    If they want to know about Cricket Nets – then they want to see a website about cricket nets and not bother with all the cricket balls and bats, pads and boxes.

    This is a very real trend in web design – brands and companies are increasingly diversifying their websites, a company might now have 5 or more websites each catering for a different need of that company.

These two forces very much reunite at the end of the process, small lightweight and highly optimised websites lead people to the answers for their questions and then point them to the Big Boys who fulfil their needs.

The question I struggle with is – what will happen? Right now – Web Design – What a Mess! – as to web design I am constantly signing up to service after service, product after product just in order to make a simple (but effective) website for you.  Google, Facebook, Twitter barely scrape the surface in terms of the activity we actually need to do and it’s a complete pain to remember all the things we have to.  Our Services Page is just too long!


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