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It’s nearly Brexit
7th June, 2016

It’s nearly Brexit Time, we here at NCompass have had our fair share of debates and coffee breaks over Brexit, we’re also fortunate enough to share offices with quite a few other businesses and people, most of whom if not actually voting out, are seriously considering it.

A recently added Client declared he’s asking everyone he talks to on the Phone which way they are planning to vote and on a recent flight from Gibraltar to London a passenger got up and asked all their fellow passengers for their opinions.

The result is certainly on a knife edge and it really does look like it could go either way.  So to join in the fun we’ve created our own Poll and would like to invite readers of this Blog to Have Their Say – Are you In or Out? – or should I have said Out or In? or should I have asked that question before the other?

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Some interesting pointers that I cannot make sense of:

  1. Online Polls seem to veer towards Leave and Telephone Polls veer towards Remain
    I think this is because people are more likely to follow their real belief it it’s anonymous
  2. Official Polls put everyone neck and neck – give or take a few percent.  But Press Polls seem to indicate a massively heavy weighting to Leave
    Guardian, Mirror, Telegraph, Mail it seems not to matter, but their reader polls all indicate Leave, I suspect the Leave vote is easier to make while the Remain camp are going to have to fight hard to get their voters out
  3. Jeremy and Labour – what is going on?
    His argument to preserve beneficial welfare reforms seems to me quite simply the best argument there is to Remain. But why aren’t they pushing it.  Every argument the Remain camp appear to want to use doesn’t make sense, is project fear or is based on some fact that can be disputed.  Sure Leave campaigners are not much better when it comes to facts, but at least Leave arguments are based on principal as well as other facts.
  4. Immigration
    Who ever wins frankly people are still going to want to come to the UK and we will let them… why all the fuss over Immigration?
  5. Peace and War
    What exactly does the EU have to do with whether we go to war or not… Nothing! The EU makes laws and is the official governmental arm of the bulk of European countries.  It is NATO that prevents war and in particular America and it’s military might that protects Europe.  If anything the EU is a danger to peace as seen by their involvement in the Ukrainian conflict happening right now.  Who invite the Ukraine to join the EU and awoke the so called Russian Bear?

Okay – getting a bit one sided… as always I love a good argument, please feel free to comment away and give back your views in or out, I hope it wont come to civil war between us, but certainly we here at [email protected] are all deeply interested which ever way the Referendum goes.

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