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The Slick Marketing Strategies that work
17th November, 2016

We’ve all come across the slick marketing strategies and I really really want the opportunity to make something like this happen… we do have one client that engages in this sort of activity, but that’s another story AND they HAVE become a multi-million pound business.

What am I describing? We’ve all been a victim of it and we either love it or hate it.  We’ve seen those Adverts follow us around, showing up in a couple of websites for the days or weeks following.  We’ve even responded to one… Then we get an email from the same company, maybe even a phone call.  How do they do that?  Before you know they’ve booked a salesman to meet you and we’re off.

When does this happen – whenever you want something.  A new car, double glazing, solar panels, usually something substantial, a cruise holiday.  These companies are relentless, organised, powerful and they know exactly how you tick.  There is no defence against them.  AND you don’t want to be like them.  Yet – in a perverse sort of way to do – you want the rewards, you want the ability to look after your family, provide a house, not necessarily be rich, but certainly be more comfortable than you are now.

In a nutshell I’d put it to you – how do you make it – without using every possible technique available at your disposal.  How’s it going to happen, because one thing is for sure no-one is going to give you your success… and yet you want to be clever about how you work.

I think I touched on this last month, in my Joining Dots in Marketing article, I tried to suggest we can be more clever about how we market our businesses. But really we should be moving  this on to 10 levels higher, this is all so important now. And we shouldn’t wait around for a moment, this needs attention now!

Why the urgency? Quite simply, we had the Internet back in 2000, then around 2005/6 came the Web 2.0, in 2010 some sort of Mobile revolution came along and these are all nice little catch phases in Internet Speak. But times are moving on, the slick marketing strategies have arrived and they are here making huge inroads into the way we work.


  1. I was speaking to a law firm, they want their website to act as a reassurance for their prospects and clients, sort of something their visitors can see before or after a meeting.  But really isn’t that just so ‘1990’?  Isn’t that form of getting new business ridiculously out of date in our world of downloadable forms, white papers, reams of twitter content and legal dish dash. I proposed catering towards people who still have face to face meetings, isn’t that just so on the way out?
  2. We’re working on an Art Showcase website – the good news is that we’ve persuaded the client to allow us to show case the Art, rather than banging on about their Committee members or their next exhibition.  But yet – we should/could go so much further, selling tea-towels, mugs, Christmas gifts, my daughters school photo now comes in a Snow Globe.  There is no end to the innovation of the modern slick marketing machine.  Imagine it and there is no reason why we can’t do it.  But truth is even we struggle to understand what we’re trying to achieve.
  3. eCommerce – one of our largest clients still takes every website order they get and manually copies it from one database to another, it’s seriously painful and must be so depressing for them when on Monday morning they are faced with 80 orders to be transferred by hand from one system to another.  The problem is that the internal ERP system cannot cope with the Internet.  Really, is that really true, bin the ERP, the Internet has to come first and foremost. Why – just look around, shops are closing, businesses are suffering, but not the Internet, this black Friday will be the UK’s biggest shopping day ever.

Sadly, I can look at almost any client I have from the smallest kitchen hire company to the largest clothing supplier and add a layer of marketing strategy that would take the company into the mega stream.

If you’re interested and want to hear some fresh ideas for how you can get your business to move up a level, you could do worse than contacting me.