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20th December, 2016

Who do you know that offers a results based SEO solution… it’s madness, highly risky and yet for a Website Owner it should be completely essential… with the right formula and the right SEO fit your website should be growing month in month out, year in year out.  Why then are so many SEO consultants hire for such short times.

SEO should be the absolute back bone of your marketing drive on the Internet.  If whatever you’re doing does not involve SEO – then why are you doing it.  All too often we’re asked to make something swisher, cooler, trendier, but why… so that when people land on the page they love it and what to buy it.  But if you cannot get people landing on the page – what’s the point.  Eyeballs and information are what make the Internet today not fancy graphics and gimmicks.

SEO – Currently

Our common request is that clients want their website to to rise up the Google Ranking, when the client types in their ‘keyword’ they want their website at the top… completely understandable, this is the whole purpose of the exercise.  However, one has to go deeper, there are a multitude of possible keywords and we want to rank for all of them.  Then there’s beating off the competition as clients want to stay ahead.

So along comes the SEO salesman – promising the world, doubling your traffic and employing whatever ploy is required at that stage in time, it sounds good and you buy in… We’ve see London quotes at £800 a month, £400 is more usual, it’s not cheap and then there’s the results… too often accompanied by excuses.

In terms of SEO – the Internet is a land of cowboys – you just cannot tell, just like any other industry, all sorts of brilliant people get in and all sorts of questionable people get in, it’s the nature of the game.  One tell-tale is how in demand someone is, if they are expensive that’s a good pointer to their quality, but then often you cannot afford it.  It’s a tough choice of economics verses quality and quantity.

Our own service has for too long been on this model.  We expect a monthly retainer of some sort and then we do what we can to make the SEO better.  It’s a flawed work ethic.  What happens is we end up just doing what we can to justify the few hours we’ve allotted to justify the SEO spend.  If we’re busy we’ll do a little less, if we’ve time we’ll do a little more.  But what cannot be right is that our clients suffer long term as we really ultimately don’t do as much as we can consistently.

And a side note we, to, do not benefit as our ability to ever raise our revenues and profits can never materialise, we’re stuck in a lovely on-going monthly relationship, that is only questioned occasionally by the client when they wonder why we are not doing more.

SEO – Game Changing Partnership

So – all change – we’ve always believed in results based SEO work.  If we build a website – we’ll charge for it.  no hourly or day rates here.  If we are commissioned to produce a piece of work we will expect to be paid for it.  There’s no big difference between us and another web design agency yet and its normal to be paid for what you actually do.

But in the world of SEO, we’re applying the same rules.  If we achieve the goals and targets we set (with the client) then we’ll benefit and can expect to be paid more, if on the other hand we do not work enough – it right that we should be paid less.  But ultimately, we’re looking to raise our clients rankings on Google month in month out, every month.

If we achieve that – then the client will benefit, sell more, get more enquiries and want to invest more in their web offering and we will benefit.  It’s a win win.  If we fail to achieve and with our results based SEO knowledge then perhaps we have to ask ourselves if SEO was a worth while route for that specific project.  The work will be self filtering.

However, all this is based on Partnerships and partnering with our clients, which is something we’ve long since thought as necessary.  Our success needs to be tied into our clients success and if we can make a client rich we will in the process be rich ourselves.  However clients can be fickle, it’s a reality SEO consultants understand well and thrive from as a result.  There is much money to be made from inactivity.

But – we’re the driving force here, we need to be guiding and communicating with you the client, encouraging more content, news, information, blogging, social media’ing, whatever it takes.  We know the Internet works and we know what the possibilities are out there, we need to take the clients on a journey through that.

The Formula

I’m not going to spell this out here on this website – but we believe we have come up with a formula to suit virtually any website for any business or purpose, a base fee with incremental adjustments based on past performance, that will grow monthly every month   if all goes well.. Yes – even if we end up being paid a lot – it will remain a fraction of the success our client will see.

There are two further built in caveats to our formula – a bonus based system, so that if we make a big difference we are fairly quickly rewarded with a bonus… and also a client penalty where if our client does not contribute a proportion of the requests we make, then they will be penalized through higher charges.  it’s not fair on us to do all the SEO work unless the client participates to some extent.  We need our clients help.  Partners right.

The formula is designed to be self fulfilling, if a client fails to participate – they will receive a costly and not really worth while service… much like many companies receive today.  However, if the client makes the most of our work and joins in fully – then we know we can take their sales up and up to places not seen before.

Feel free to write or ask for more details, our base rate remains nice a low, but as your success becomes apparent I look forward to working with our clients as partners for our results based SEO for many years to come.



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