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10 Tips you need to know about – Domain Names
31st January, 2017

When starting to create a website, one of the first things that comes up is picking your Domain Name, it requirers alot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is how people are going to find you and remember you.

Here are some steps to help you on your quest for the perfect domain name.

1) Pick your domain FIRST

Make sure you don’t set up a company or a product with a new name BEFORE you have checked to see if there is the right domain name available for you. You don’t want to have everything set up and ready to go to then find you can’t have the right domain name because other people have bought all the good ones. The key is to create a real original ideas which then comes with an origianl name, your more likley then to get the domain you want.

2) Keep it short

This will help people to remember your site, If it is to long and complex then you run the risk of people misspelling it, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you !

3) Make it easy to remember

This is important, worst case scenario is if someone has written it down on a tiny bit of paper and lost it, they are going to have to remember it from heart. If it relates well to what you are discussing then it should be a lot easier to remember.

4 ) Avoid hyphens

Try not to make it to complex for your vistors to remember, if your thinking of putting in a hyphen to get the name you want over someone else having pciked the one without a hyphens, the most likely thing that is going to happen is they will get directed to there site and not yours.

5) Make it relate to your subject

You want it to relate to what you are and what you do, but sometimes you can’t quite pick the exact name you want as it might be taken, so you might need to and extra word to get what you want. If ‘ecoindoorplants.com’ is taken you might need to think a bit more creatively about how you get your domain such as ‘ecoindoorplantcompany.com’ this has added two words but still keeping the name.

6) Key Words

Key words helps with your rating in Goolges listings if your domain links alot to words typed on your website this will get you more traffic and Goolge will put you even higher.

7) Stick with .com

When people are searching for a website they will most likely end there search with ‘.com’ or ‘.co.uk’ there are lots of other domain name extensions available today like .net, .org, .uk, .blog, .me, .biz, which are all created to help people work out what kind of site it is. But its always safer to stick to .com or .co.uk as these are the most commonly used, Even phones and tablets have short codes on key boards such as .com now days.

8) Research it

Make sure you have looked at your competition and who you will be ranking against, this might make you want to change your domain to be more origianl or different from anything or anyone else on the market.

9) Protect your site

Protect your brand, think about buying other extentions such as .org or .co.uk then you can make sure if people misspell or mistype your domain you have all areas covered and they are still directed to your site.

10) Leave room to expand your brand

What I mean by this is if you pick ecoindoorplants.com and down the line you start creating another brand alongside thats about outdoor plants you might want to think of a more open domain, one thats capable of expanding into other things, so instead of ecoindoorplants.com you might try ecoplant.com

What to do now?

Registering your domain

You can registering with a domain on any number of sites, there are hundrends, such as GoDaddy, Fast host, Hover, Cheapnames, Dreamhost. All of these site vairy on price and have to read through and pick carfully. Also check to see what the small print says and see if there is any tie in claws or transfer fees and all that small print to worry about.

If you want more options, control and want to start your empire or brand from scratch then start by contacting us and we can not just set it all up for you but also manage your domain(s) to keep them working at there best by having full control and monitoring over key words and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which can get you higher up on Googles listings, we have our own high end hosting control pannels that look after every aspect of not just your domain but everything that surrounds it.