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NCompass Marketing Plans take hold
13th February, 2017

For a long time we’ve know there are key aspects to running a website that are needed for SEO, roughly this is a key list:

  • Fresh Content
    Google’s desire for new content is insatiably, Blogs, News, Articles – sharing our customers skills and knowledge of their products and services is at the very heart of how we at NCompass deal or think about SEO.You can employ every trick in the book to get up the rankings, but if you do not have the products people ultimately want to purchase – then what is the point.  Out clients are all experts in their fields – we need to harness that.  (More later).
  • Well Liked Website
    If I put a link on this website that deal’s in oranges from southern Spain – you’re going to wonder what I am up to.  However, if you found me referencing Google’s PageSpeed Tool or some SEO based websites – that would be normal.Well that all makes sense, it’s very very hard, but we have a number of ways to try and find websites that like us:

    • Respectable Review websites like www.free-index.co.uk and www.yelp.com
    • Social Media Profiles and activity (if you’re active on Facebook your SEO will go up)
    • Connected companies, services or products

    Our mission is to hunt down these websites and ensure we are properly listed and recognised for this effort.

  • Good Quality Build
    If you want Google to notice you – then you need a peak condition website.  It has to be fast, reliable and well made.  We struggle sometimes with the likes of WordPress, but our aim is to get a website seriously fast on the Google Page Rank Tool – if we fulfil Google’s recommendations – then we should rank well on Google’s index.

Our Mission

For too long we’ve seen website doing so so – if they had 1000 visitors a month last year – they more or less had 1000 visitors last year… It has been a case of SEO, tick box, done for clients.  but we cannot operate like that any more.  We need more and the worst part is that we know we can do more.

For us if you had 1000 visitors a month on your website last year – this year you should be getting 2000.

The principal is that if we get you more visitors and more Transactions (people buying) or Goals (people doing something you want them to) – then we should be paid a little more.  We think that is fair.  Otherwise for us – where’s the incentive… while our clients could be doubling their business or expanding – we would remain on the same pay grade as always – despite our good efforts.  The solution is to incentivise us.  Not hugely – but with £5 there, or £10 here.  Just  little  bit.

Our second caveat over the old business model is that we constantly met with resistance extra costs – if there was a need to invest in something for longer term SEO advantage, clients were understandingly unwilling to pay up, as they were already forking out for SEO work. The solution incentivise us and we’ll just do the work and gain the long term advantage of better results.

So far the reception to our new format for SEO has been astounding with a 50% increase in clients subscribing.  Yes – we’ve gone a middle way – our services  have a ‘Base Rate’ we’re not employed on the based of pure commission – but with the incentive plan in place – we’re just given the leg up we need to make your business work.

Marketing Plans

A core dependency for us is involvement, we need our clients to be 100% onside for greater success… more enquiries or orders through the website means a bigger and better business for our clients, it should be win win.  With this in mind we’ve created full Marketing Plans for all clients subscribed to our SEO services.  This was important as for the very first time it allows us to plan ahead with our clients.

We’ve always understood the seasonal attributes a lot of businesses have, be it holiday cottages in the summer or Christmas trees at Christmas, but planning and foresight we not our department.  This remains the case.  Instead what we have devised is a very simple Marketing Plan that allows a client to see what we’re recommending their promote based on their business at that time.

We have acres of data on what interests the visitors of a website – where they click and what pages they look at. We indent to use that Data to work with the client to promote the sides of their business to the people looking for those particular products or services.

It is once again a win win.

For us we get to direct or work with clients to improve the SEO, for clients they get yet more enquiries and orders from their website.

NCompass Marketing Plans are available to all SEO clients – if you want to get more from your website – then I think the time has come for you to get into touch with us and we’ll take you to the next level.

In a Partnership.