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Are you ready for Bing Ads
24th March, 2017

Just what has happened to Bing Ads, these were the originals… before there ever was a Google Adwords, there was a little known company called Overture… you’ll probably find references to Overture in this blog, I’ve been doing this a while.  But these guys are brought by first Yahoo and when that predictably failed they were seconded into Microsoft and reborn as Bing Ads.

The do the same thing as Google Adwords… but in the UK Google has a roughly 90% coverage for search compared to the USA where Google are more like 70% of search.  Bing is definitely stronger in the USA and despite trying very hard – their market share in the UK remains paltry at best.

Is that a shame – not really, frankly if you try to search for something on Bing you may be surprised how irrelevant their answers are.  It’ just not up to the quality of the Google results – I digress.

So what advantages are there to Bing Ads?

The main advantage is they are cheaper… probably around half the price of a Google Advert these days.  If Google costs you £1 per click, it would not be unreasonable for Bing Ads to charge 50p.

However, that needs to be put into context in that in the UK you’ll only get one Bing click for every 10 Google clicks… to compensate for this you might push the spending a bit more on Bing Ads to get a bit more traffic and so you might get to 1 Bing click for every 6 or 7 Google clicks.

Audience Quality

It’s still not quite plain sailing.  Bing is loaded by default onto most computers that ship these days, whereas Google is not.  So people make a conscious decision to look up things on Google, whereas most Bing users are lazier or lack the know how to determine which Search Engine they are using.  They use Bing because it is there.  Unfortunately that does reduce the quality of the audience somewhat.  Less savvy people use Bing as a result and that will show in your Conversion rates.

So is Bing Ads worth it?

Yes – under very specific situations.

  • If you have a very large budget and appear to be maxing out on Google Adwords, expand to Bing Ads – you will collect good value clicks which will reduce your over all cost per click as well as exploring new target markets.
  • Specific Target Users – if you’re targeting non-computer savvy people for specific reasons Bing Ads might cover it.

There really are not to many other reason for choosing Bing Ads these days.  True they have made it easy to copy or import Google Adwords campaigns into their system, also less management is required, but mostly because the product is less refined and there are fewer options.


Go into Bing Adverts with your eyes open, be aware that the quality is less and the conversion rates will probably be less.  And be happy with the fewer clicks, less costs and finally fewer sales.  You have been warned to some extent.  And we stand by to help if needed.