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A coders life – where time losses meaning
17th April, 2017

I can’t really give you the Statistics can I, but the threat is that a huge number of jobs around the world in virtually all industries will disappear as Robots take over our menial tasks and make more and more of what we eat and consume.  2 million – 10 million – how many of us will be impacted, it is almost impossible to say.

Couple that thought with the idea of the 9-5 jobs, bank holidays, it is Easter as I write this, 28 days paid leave a year, children, family and the work life balance.  We’re either gunning ourselves to death with work or so relaxed it’s a guess whose paying the bills.

The key factor we’ve been discussing here is that apart from death and taxes, we should all be in the future heading towards a more leisure filled life.  The opportunities to see the world or follow a passion should be growing as we hand over more and more of our chores to technology, regardless of what you think of Mobile phones and their so called cleverness, the object of technology is to make things easier for ourselves.  And it is happening, only this morning I was hearing of a guy who was starting up a small enterprise for adventuring with children, camping and that sort of thing.  but who hasn’t got friends doing unusual things these days.

When I look that the breath and variety of our clients from mural artists to document manager systems, from telephone recording messages to old peoples homes, we’re a serious active bunch, selling garden tools or water filters, shoes or whatever – the variety is staggering and as more and more people move out of established industries and factories so the variety of their work will increase from clock repairers to property rentals we seem to cover them all.

This new world has to be built, it won’t happen on its on and whether building a Robot, automated car, plastic widget or helping set up a painting workshop – technology has to play a part and for that you need a coder.  Someone to write the computer whatever to make the web page show, or the robot work… it’s all software and ultimately code – the essential bit that allows our ideas to translate into making inanimate objects of metal and glass come to life.

The coder is key… we live in strange times, apart from the fact that most of us don’t give a thought for the time someone has spent putting together the design and mechanics of our cereal boxes, we also depend on coders to keep it all running when we are asleep, at the weekends and when we’re having fun and playing.  Many banks will spend Easter upgrading their banking systems during the extended Easter break – that means coders are at work.

However, for us here – the most striking thing above and beyond all this is the coders problem solving methodology.  We all solve problems, but if a problem presents itself to a normal person, we have a think, try something and the phrase ‘take a break’ from it to re-think the idea and try a new solution.  That’s how life works.  Building a house, making some shelves – deciding how to deal with a medical issue, they take time and get solved in the appropriate way.

For coders – time loses meaning – if you’re coding and have a problem, first thing you do is try everything, if that fails you keep going, the problem rattles around in your brain, because coding is largely a non-physical thought based activity, if you take a break the problem often refuses to go away, even sleeping on the problem proves unsatisfying, as the brain works hard to solve it.  Often to we as humans will refer to other for help – but with coding there is no waiting time, people are on-line and available all the time to help. There’s no waiting for a solution as with off-line problem solving.

So – there we have it – a coders life – where time losing meaning, the coder will simply push on through to solve their problems and build their products, regardless of time of day, week, bank holiday or weekend.  The coder is mentally on the game all the time.

If you code, please feel welcome to contribute and let us know how you take a break. For myself I take my breaks between problems, and that could mean any old time… it almost certainly won’t be for Easter.