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Service Announcement: WordPress Updates
2nd June, 2017

As many clients know WordPress is a constantly improvement product with now close to 300million installs across the world.  Roughly 25% of all websites we build now use the WordPress Platform.  The ease, convenience and simplicity of WordPress allows our customers to edit and manage their own content and website with ease.

However, behind the scenes WordPress is moving forward with tremendous speed, constantly improving and updating the platform and adding new features.  WordPress also benefits from the thousands of developers who build useful Plugins for WordPress allowing extra functionality and flexibility.  It all needs updating.

Therefore, from this point forward, due to the time constraints and requirements for this additional workload we will in future only update clients that are Paying for this additional service.  Even if we are asked to work on a website will only make updates if we’re paid for it.

Our rates are:

  1. Monthly Management
    We will do everything it takes to look after the website for a single monthly fee of £25.00 per month.
  2. Ad Hoc Updates
    If we find updates are required within our normal course of website work, or clients request us to make a one-off series of updates to bring their WordPress website up to date – the fee will be £45.00.
  3. Rescue Work
    If a website is hacked or non-performing because a client has failed to update their website properly due to updates to WordPress not being applied – we will charge a one off additional fee of £45.00 to resolve the situation.

Keep WordPress Updated

It is important for clients to keep their WordPress updated, because the platform is so widely used it is susceptible to Hackers and Malicious parties to try and break in and we have seen a severe increase in instances of out of date installations being hacked beyond recognition.

We also recommend the following process if you are update to update your own website:

  • Take a full copy of the website via FTP before upgrading anything.
  • Take a full copy of your Database before upgrading
  • Be prepared to re-upload anything you need, should you need it.
  • Upgrade first the Core WordPress Platform if needed  and TEST the website – make sure it still works.
  • Then Upgrade individual Plugins and TEST to make sure they still work.
  • Finally, when upgrading Plugins always read the ‘Change Log’ and make a common sense decision on whether the new version of the Plugin might affect your website.

We are here to help and can offer you all the tools you need to manage your own WordPress Installation.  We want you to do this yourselves (so we don’t have to).  However, if you would rather we just did the job for you – please do let us know.

These services are open to anyone with a WordPress website, not just clients of NCompass.