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Service Update: General Updates
1st July, 2017

To all customers, one of the more frequent areas where we are increasingly being asked to do work is in the updating of a website… From changing a number to adding more content, uploading images to even reminding people of their passwords and helping with advice.

It’s a very tricky one for us as it does not seem to make sense to charge £5 or £10 to send someone their login details for their own email account and we have no proposition for doing that.

Equally advice on what to do next or how to push or improve your website or take it to the next level becomes a mix of our own sales and marketing and actually providing you a competitive advantage in your business.

And lastly, us recommending either one service or another also carries no cost, should you use Google Gmail or Office365, should you Advertise on Adwords or Print leaflets for the local village fete, and so, we have ideas, but we do not ultimately know what is right for you.

Ultimately, all this has to be paid for.  But we strongly believe that we should only be paid for the work we actually do and since our last look at this was in January 2016 – we feel that the time has come to look again.

  • Domains
    – .com, .net, .org – £17.50 per year (unchanged)
    – .co.uk, .uk – £17.50 per two years (unchanged)
    – others – price on demand
  • Hosting
    – Monthly paid by Standing Order – £24.95 per month (unchanged)
    – Annual – £169 per year (raised from £159)
    – Advanced – superior or personalised Hosting at quoted price (unchanged)
  • Design
    – Price on demand – we will always quote for a website
  • Newsletter
    – Design, build, list and sending £120 (unchanged) + £10 per 1000 names
  • Maintenance
    – Monthly Contract – £240 per month (raised from £220)
    – Ad Hoc Updates – £15 min (raised from £12.5)
    – Magento Upgrades from £60 – we will always quote first
    – WordPress Upgrades from £40 – we will always quote first
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    – Basic Onsite SEO – from £165 per month (discontinued)
    – Basic Offsite SEO – from £165 per month (discontinued)
    – Combined On and Offsite – from £300 per month – (discontinued)
    – SEO – Performance Based from £400 upwards – please see more.
  • Pay-Per-Click (Adwords) Marketing (per website)
    – Basic Admin – £25 per month (unchanged)
    – £100-£300 Spend – we charge 20% of your spend between £100 and £300 (unchanged)
    – £300-£5000 Spend – we charge 15% of your spend between £300 and £5000 (up from 12%)
    – £5000 over – we charge 10% of your spend over £5000 (unchanged)
  • Social Media
    – £300 one off fee to set up and review a full Social Media offering with 30 days advice and consultation
     from £300 per month – we will usual quote depending on the services required
  • Consultancy
    – Advice on IT and Internet Related activities starting from £120
    – Price on demand – we will always quote for a website

We will be putting this Price List in place from 1st July onwards.