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BrightonSEO – Post Mortum
17th September, 2017

I’m going to try and keep this brief, BrightonSEO was coolio:

Hints and Tips

  1. Watch for Search Intent – what is the reason why someone is searching?  Is it:
    1. ‘Levi Jeans’ – transactional intent
    2. ‘Skiing holidays’ – seasonal
    3. ‘Is it Raining’ – informational intent
  2. Tailor content to the desired Audience
    1. Provide content that supports a users intentions
    2. Provide content that takes people the next stage of their needs
    3. Provide content that addresses their needs
  3. Quick Wins for Technical SEO
    1. Make sure 301 redirects ate right
    2. Robots.txt has to be correct
    3. Crawl Budget is good (don’t crawl pages that shouldn’t be crawled)
    4. Optimisation for speed
    5. Reporting
    6. Canonical Tags
  4. HTTPS Migration – use HSTS and CloudFlare
  5. Product Titles need to be on average 8 words long or 90 characters, implications for 3rd party usage like Google Merchant, AdWords and many more.
  6. Product Descriptions need to be 522 characters or 90 words.
  7. Use GTIN numbers where ever possible.
  8. On pages that have infinite scroll use, ‘Load More’ to Navigate to separate pages (pagination) e.g. Tommy Hilfiger.
  9. Use hreflang in SiteMaps (not on page)
  10. Category Pages do not need Optimisation – Google is cleverer than that
  11. Keep out of Stock Products LIVE, but make it clear they are ‘Retired Stock’ and include ‘you may also like…’ – do not redirect to similar products.
  12. List lots of feeds in Google Merchant, products, new products, promotional products
  13. Use Target ROAS for Shopping Channels on Adwords – if the desire is to receive £5 revenue for every £1 spent then a Target ROAS of 500% is required. (link out)

Top Facts

  1. 50% of all time spent on a mobile is within an App… this presents a big problem for Google and ordinary websites, they have to compete for attention
  2. 7.4 billion mobiles are in use in the world today, compared with a world population of 7.3 billion.  There are more active mobiles today than people.
  3. In the UK a product price changes every 6 days… in France, it is every 8 days and German 9, USA it is 14 days.  (source pricesearhers.com

BrightonSEO Tools

  • For 301 redirect analysis use Screaming Frog.
  • pricesearher.com/upload – upload product feeds and price lists.
  • Feed optimiser – to organise shopping feeds.

The Future is coming

Voice Search

The rise of the Digital Assistant and AI is well and truly upon us, like it or not.  Amazon Echo has broken through to the mass market and Google Home is a lot better than Amazon Echo, 150 factories in China have been spun up to create Digital Assistants for Samsung, LG and all the top electronics firms.  What started out as Siri, Google Now and Cortona is about to explode.

With regard to SEO, a question to a Digital Assistant can only have one answer.  It means you have to be top of the list first time every time.  Ask Google Home where to buy Children’s Shoes or Garden Furniture, and you need to be top of the list.

AMP Pages

There just isn’t space to write this stuff… but one to watch, Google proprietary AMP pages server content fast.  but are a bit of a phaff to create. Problems include excessive Google Advertising can be injected by Google if not careful, they do not negate the need to make ordinary websites fast for mobile, the content in AMP pages can be re-purposed for Google’s news carousel, and many other publishing platforms are adding support for AMP pages – meaning more places that content could turn up.

I think the important take-home here is that forgetting the website – we have to produce content that could appear anywhere, from an App like Flipboard to a Shopping website like WebGains.  Content in the future has to be 100% standalone and adaptable.  Our own websites are just temporary homes for our content as the likes of Google re-purpose it everywhere and anywhere they feel it beneficial.  (note; they feel it beneficial).

All thoughts welcome.  We did have a good time at BrightonSEO as well…

Note: Thanks also go to Kelvin from www.brightonseo.com