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A Christmas gone Crazy
23rd December, 2017

Happy Christmas Everyone – from us here at NCompass, we want to thank you all for sticking with us during what has been an astoundingly busy period the like of which we have never experienced before.

In short, for most clients, I hope everything has paid off.  We know that there have been challenges for us to get all the work done on time and we’ve struggled to provide the level of service you might want.  But everywhere we can, we’ve done our best with members of the team stay late, working overtime and pushing all resources to get everything done.  I think we have just about made it.  Holiday Time.

Highlights of 2017:

  • Steph and SEO – Steph joined us in January and completely over-hauled our SEO efforts, we’re far more proactive and try to reach out to clients to meet their SEO needs with recommendations and full marketing plans to help.
  • Daniele and Jim – We’re a full design Agency, in that we might guide you towards some really good solutions, but we’ll also work with anything.  Daniele is a Developer with exceptional knowledge of cutting-edge technologies like React and Progressive Web Apps.  While Jim has taken on Magento 2 development with a deep understand of how eCommerce works
  • 150 clients – NCompass broken the 150 clients barrier for the first time and it has stayed that way.  As clients have become bigger and, sorry to say, more demanding, we thought we’d lose clients or at least we wouldn’t have the capacity to handle new clients, but the reverse is true and we welcome the constant stream of new enquiries.

Low points of 2017:

  • Losing Tim – Tim, a stalwart of NCompass for over three years, could almost not walk out of the office for the final time, and in fact, we’re glad to say he was drinking his herbal tea with us just the other day.
  • London clients – we love you really – but please we need you to be a bit more organised and give us fair warning of requirements, too often we hear the phrase, “I need it done yesterday” – we understand the pressure of London and always do our best.

Goals for 2018

  • Weekends of NO WORK – wouldn’t that be wonderful and in fact, we are going to be more strict with weekend work.
  • DIY – more time spent at home = equals happier family.
  • A growing team – we are hiring, I don’t think I have ever written that down before – wish me luck and apply if you dare.

All in all, Happy Holidays to all our customers and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.