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Digital Knowledge Manager
6th February, 2018

Did you hear the one about what a Housewife should earn if she was Paid as if it was a normal paid job?  Even back in 2015, it came in at about £160,000 a year.  I’ll let you read it here: www.telegraph.co.uk.

The same is nearly true for a Digital Knowledge Manager and I’ll note that this title has been chosen carefully to better describe the role.  Instead of Digitial Content Manager or Digital Marketing Manager, the truth is what you need to make your business grow is a Digitial Knowledge Manager.  it covers everything.

Please read the Image above and then Read on… it needs some minor cynical explanations.

  • Senior-Level position – Unfortunately too right.  If you haven’t put Digital, web, Mobile and anything else that uses electricity at the heart of your business marketing plan, then you won’t stand a chance.  This is top level stuff… in the old days, I think it was the CFO that was possibly the most important job in an organisation – these days the CTO is vying hard for that position.

    What this means for you is that the person you employ needs to be able to put stuff on your company business card.  Be it Facebook Advertising, or some Tester thing for $10, or a Plugin from WordPress for $99.  This stuff costs and unless you Digital Knowledge Manager has access to funds, you may as well stop here.

  • If Not All traditional core digital marketing – What is traditional these days? Basically, your Marketing Manager needs to have a full and in-depth understanding of how marketing used to work in Print and Off-line and then have an even fuller knowledge on the New Digital Platforms, everything from what makes a website tick, from Domain Names (will people remember them, spell them etc), to Hosting, speed, reliability, Design, will it sell, Management – will it be easy to update or change, marketing – don’t get me started, future proof…

    This person we are talking about has to have serious experience in a range of business industries from the low (worker end) to the high (management levels).

  • Own Language, the way your Digital Knowledge Manager has to speak and present to top Management will be very different to how they come across to lower pizza and coffee addicted developers and programmers.  There’s a challenge, cool, yet commanding, confident, yet not arrogant, generous with time, yet able to get more done.  Did I mention Office Hours and willingness to work?
  • Skilled Negotiator… persuasion…  convincing… Basically, the ultimate sales guy, someone who could sping the yard arm off a donkey and all right out one ounce of exaggeration, crap or spin.  Utterly the truth to the best fo their ability.  To get close to the right person think Nelson, coordinating that many ships with that many possibility of error.

    Annoy the wrong group of brass or low-end developer and nothing will work, a jigsaw puzzle where none of the pieces fit together.  can it be done?  Well, in the old days you’d have Mozart or Beethoven, those are the sorts of talents needed here.  In fairness, there are more people capable of this than we might think, after all the likes of James Cameron and George Lucas spring to mind.

  • Fits into the larger picture – is the wrong analogy, luckily for most artists they were one man bands, working on their own and able to paint quietly in the countryside.  True, Michael Angelo might have had a hand with the Sistine Chapel, but they just painted the background or the large expanses of the same.  The devil is int he details as they say.

    A better analogy is the ‘The Head Honcho at NASA’ or an Admiral of a Fleet.  Everything has its place and fits in, but it all so much more than just a picture.

Looking on at the 5 Essential Skills in a Successful Digital Knowledge Manager – these are all dead right, but there is more, the Digital Knowledge Manager needs to have an in-depth understanding of Code, from HTML, CSS and Javascript to React, Angular, Python, and every other language and that’s before we start onto Apps, Java, Objective-C, Swift.  And did I mention the plethora of Platforms from WordPress, Magento, Big-Commerce, Shopify, Squarespace and so on?

And that is just building the website… Knowledge is also needed for Photography, product shots, Videography, what makes it viral, Social Media and I am not just talking about Facebook and Twitter, but Snap Chat, WhatsApp and Instagram and whatever is the flavour of the month at that time.  Being open minded to new things, Amazon Echo, Google Home and now even BT Whole Home.

Have I said enough…  I will end with this thought – while it may seem that this is an awful lot to ask of a single person.  It still has to be a single person.  You can’t divide this role effectively, You might put website development in one basket, but unless it’s talking to Marketing or Social Media – you’re off course.  Everything has to be be handled by a single visionary document or person.

Prehaps the most successful CEO’s in the future will be the CTO’s and perhaps Ditigal Knowledge Manager is better discribed at the Master of the Universe.