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Top Tips for Voice SEO
24th May, 2018

I’ll not quibble over numbers because I don’t think they matter… I think it was 2009 when I told you the Mobile web was upon us. And did you laugh at me then?

Voice search and voice-activated devices are coming and they are going to completely dwarf the changes that Mobile brought.  Mobile was essentially the same thing as the old Internet, you went to Google did a search and brought up and rather a clunky website that tried to look like an App on your phone.  But voice is going to do away with the screen altogether.

Voice will do away with Screens

What’s the difference, so many of our young wear headphones, you see people walking on the street chatting away, our Galaxy 5’s are enormous and heavy, you name it you can see the change happening in front of you.  In truth, we’ve never been that comfortable holding a piece of glass to our ears or scratching around a grubby screen to find the local pub.

In effect, our relationship with computers is only just beginning, just look at all the headlines about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Voice Means…

It’s an interesting question, what does it all mean?  We have yet to find out, but the Siri’s, Alexa’s and Cortona’s of today are just the beginning.  I started using Alexa on my Android phone, just because I was interested to see it work or to get it to tell me a joke.  The cat is out of the bag, I now know how to use Voice on my phone and I find myself using it occasionally, but what I use occasionally all adds up to millions of people using it occasionally and then it becomes mainstream.  Electricity was for the few before it too became mainstream.

So, whether it’s 50% of all searches will be Voice by 2020, or 20% by 2050, does not matter – it’s here, it’s being used and it’s only going to get bigger and more popular.

Voice for SEO

There is only one result – unlike Google where you get to choose from 5 adverts, a map listing and 10 other results, plus a variety of categories like images, shopping, news and so.  With Voice – you get an answer.  And there is no second answer.  Want to know about Albert Einstein and you’ll get to Wikipedia, want to buy a bar of soap and you’ll get Amazon.  Want to know a local restaurant and you won’t get the nearest one.  Try it, ask where is your nearest Chinese, there will be only one result.

So this matters hugely, if you are not number 1 you aren’t anywhere, you will be missed out and ignored.  Starting a new company for baby food, shoes, holidays, even web design, there is only one answer.

We need to start thinking about this now.

Voice SEO Top Tips

  • Keywords – it is not all about keywords, but key phrases and the more natural the phrase the better.  Not ‘holiday Iceland September’, but ‘What Holidays do you recommend in Iceland around September’.  Natural Speech phrases need to be worked into all your content.Did I say content – it will still be content, content, content.
  • Research & Strategy – it’s going to matter more than ever.  Targeting your demographic, location and type of customer will be essential.  Coming up with a plan.  SEO began with a vague idea, you want to be No. 1 on Google.  That won’t hang any more.  What you write, where you write it and what you write it on will matter more and more.  With many services it will be Join them or Lose.Sorry – you want an example: if you are selling product… get onto Amazon, that’s where your product is likely to be sold int eh near to mid future.
  • Google Business Listing – none of us understands Google and it’s myriad of services so you need to find someone who will… If I look up my local Chinese and head over there ona  Tuesday and it’s shut… I’ll walk away and Google will know it… when 10 or 20 people walk away on Tuesday as they have done the same thing as me.  Google will work out for itself that the Chinese is closed.  And it will show up on Google Business Listing.Take control of what Google says about you – while you still can.
  • Identify Conversation Phrases and make them work for you.  We have long maintained that phrases like ‘near me’, ‘how to’, ‘where is’ and ‘what is’ are key pointers for Google…  If you work these phrases into your Content then you will significantly draw Google’s attention to them.  This relates to all of the above points.
  • FAQ’s – they come and they go… but what a great page idea for Voice SEO, you can literally write your FAQ’s using natural language, it’s readable and understandable by Google.  In terms of Voice SEO this is an easy win and easily put together.
  • Structured data markup – this is a techie term for organising your content according to Google’s Rules.. if a product is listed and gives directional pointers to Google for Price, Name, Description etc, that can only help Googe determine what the product is and offer it at the right time.Google has markup for everything from Hotel Rooms to Products, from Legal Advice to Images, from Train Times to Art Portfolios – the more Google understands what you are offering the more likely it will be that you will be listed.

And I think that will just about do it.  I hope these Top Tips for Voice SEO help you