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Summer Workload
27th June, 2018

There used to be a time when summer was for holidays and quiet times.  It was these times that I would promote Christmas and Back to School, the idea was to get ready now and you’ll be set for a good Autumn.  Oh! how times have changed.

The world’s moved on and I am getting older, I cannot say I’m totally happy with the constant demands, the pace is unrelenting, launching 2 or 3 new websites each month, dealing with 6 or 8 projects at any one time and fielding numerous new enquiries, as well as the regular update requests, is proving quite demanding.

Once again we urge you to make use of our support email: [email protected] will enter your request into our ticket system and you’ll get a quicker and more professional response.  There is even a Support Tab on our website in the top left.

Sending emails to me, personally, is getting harder to manage, I’ll deal with anything upwards of 150 emails per day, all requiring a response, Mondays are particularly bad as I struggle to recover from a work-free weekend.  In short, don’t always expect a timely response.

Phone calls as well, are proving distinctly tricky at the moment, when I get 9 phone calls during my lunch break, I start to wonder why I am alive, worse I do purposefully ignore them a lot of the time.  No offence to anyone, but send an email to [email protected].

So how do we treat phone calls here at NCompass?

In short, everything is run off Skype, we don’t have a land line, we use a 0207 number that we’ve had for about 10 years now.  The original idea was a follow me around number and it has worked well for years.  Skype being Skype has had mixed quality issues for years, this was great as it meant phone calls where quite correctly short, concise and to the point after we got over the whole ‘Can you hear me…’ part of the conversation.

Skype is also expensive when calling Mobile – effectively we did not bother.

These days, with a Mobile phone of my own, same number since I was 18???, calls mobile to mobile are free as well, this has lead to far more phone conversations than ever before, with the team here chastising me for spending over 7 hours on the phone one working day.

That’s 7 hours of not working, not answering emails, not producing any designs or artwork, not building or fixing or updating any websites.

Basically, next move is to not answer the phone any longer, as has the local planning permissions office, they now only answer the phone for 2 hours per day to allow their staff to do their work.

Right now, I have to urge you to send us a support email, it is the quickest way to get something done.  There is no need to copy me into these email, that just doubles things up.  If we get ALL support requests in via this method we will save hours of time per day and avoid all the chasing up of ‘no-answering’ or ‘no-one is there’ conversations.

Ultimately, it’s about time management, but also it is about customer expectations, as we get busier even during the hot summer months, please do not over expect callbacks and response sent to my personal email.  Send your request to [email protected] – where one of 9 people will see it.