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SEO Content – Content is King
17th September, 2018

We’ve been preaching the same message for years, SEO Content, if you want to do well in SEO and climb those Google Rankings then it’s all about content.  So this month a quick recap on WHY this is the case.

SEO Content – Users mean Customers

Think about it… in order to provide the best possible answers to people questions – you need the answers.  Google’s mission is to answer peoples questions – without people typing in their searches Google is nothing and the whole thing falls apart, so for Google giving people the right answer is paramount and so Google’s quest for better quality answers is insatiable.

Do the experiment and look up ‘My nearest Train Station’ – on Google – you’ll get a map, directions and information about buying Tickets – on Bing you’ll be pointed towards National Rail’s Journey Planner (which could be viewed as frustrating as how can you plan a journey when you don’t know the starting point).

Look one step deeper – as my search term above is questionable – but people will ‘trust‘ a website that answers their questions more sensibly than others.  It is right for ‘My nearest train station’ and people will start looking up ‘nhs supplier paracetamol’ or equally obscure search terms.

The point here is the User want Answers and will become customers if the right answers are given.  Google’s job is to give those answers.  Our job, therefore, is to supply Google with the Answers.

SEO Content – is all about answering peoples questions.

SEO Content – Technical

How does Google get its answers? The technical method is that Google literally visits every page ever created repeatedly forever.  Google and most other search engines have programs that trawl the internet for content.  Whenever they find something new – it’s added to their database and becomes available should anyone be looking for that content.

But here’s the rub – there’s a lot of pages out there, and its growing all the time… every day millions of pages are added to the Internet all the time.

Google and Co cannot keep up, their answer is to visit all the websites they no about as frequently as they can, without wasting their resources.  So think about it – why bother visiting a website that never changes.  The Google Program (bot) arrives at a new website and in milliseconds works out if it’s been there before… if it has and nothing has changed 0 it skips everything and sets a date for the next visit.

If Google keeps visiting the same website over and over (every few weeks) and there are no changes – Google sensibly suggests visiting in gradually longer and longer time intervals.

We have always suggested that our SEO efforts take around 6 weeks to appear, but if the website is highly busy then in fact it may only take a few days for changes to appear, whereas if the website has been dormant for a long time and we’ve been brought in to help get things moving, it can take us months to get Google to realise we’re moving forward.

The long and short is that the more often a website is updated – the more often Google and others will visit the website and the more likely your chances of climbing the rankings are – it does not get more complicated than that.

There is a priviso for eCommerce websites here… namely products don’t change very often, your Widget that has been a best seller for years never changes.  Google recognises that as unchanging content.  That is why we recommend changing ‘product’ pages.  The common methods we recommend are adding Reviews (getting others to do the changes for you) or adding ‘News’ items to Product pages – this means the text on the page will change and Google will reward your website with greater rankings and visibility.

SEO Content – is vital to get Google to re-visit the website more often, find new content and rank you higher.

SEO Content – The NCompass Effect

I ain’t gonna lie to you – but getting content out of our clients is like ‘blood from a stone’ – we’re not all that far from giving up if the truth be told.  Clients whose products and services basically don’t change, we grant you that, need to be constantly re-invented to continue to get Google’s attention.  When we’re employed to get Rankings – we actually employed to get more sales for a client and that means we need to shout out about the client in every form we can.

Our current thinking is to separate SEO Content from our Standard SEO, the thinking being our attention can still be focused on optimising and making the most of every aspect of a website.  But if the client wants, News, Blog, or Updating for SEO Content – then that is a separate service altogether.  We certainly have both the nouse and the know-how to make this happen for clients.  But we struggle to get client buy-in… and until that happens we cannot fulfil our SEO potential

Content is King.