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Is anyone using your Facebook Page?
23rd September, 2018

So I recently wanted to investigate if anyone was using my Facebook Page. I signed up for a service called SumAll which promised to summarise all my Social Media accounts and in doing so I noted it also summed up all the Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and Adwords Campaigns all in one big long email sent to me once a week.

Well, what a boring email… it seems that only a couple of the Pages I have access to have any activity at all.  My own Facebook page (not profile) is quite as a mouse and so it seems are the bulk of the others.

I am a full subscriber to the view that the ‘little people’ start something off that is cool and fun and then the big guys muscle in, take over and essentially destroy it.  If you are a laundrette, artist or small services company – they it was all exciting in the beginning as you took pictures and understood that your customers and clients were avid followers of whatever you were up to.

Then came the big guns, Brands, multinationals and ‘planned’ marketing campaigns at you. They put millions into selling you a Christmas Turkey or getting you to receive their updates or newsletter.

Statistics bandied about by me often is that 80% of our time is spent on just 20 big websites, not including ‘search engines’, so Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Youtube.  I have no idea if this is still true, but it feels more like 99% of our time is spent on just 5 websites, I for one nearly always watch BBC’s iPlayer.  We are creatures of habit.  How is John Doe’s Widget shop ever going to get my patronage?

Social Media seems to be going down the same route, not that I ever particularly follow a specific Facebook page in the first place.  But the concentration of users onto a few Rock-band or Fashion Facebook Pages is now a given. You certainly don’t follow the latest ‘Toothpaste’ Facebook Page.

Something is broken in our technology world – with all the freedom we have, the choice and the constant vying of marketing to get our attention. We as humans just focus on the part that is sadly least beneficial to ourselves.

Mobile Apps have the same story – the average Mobile has 43 Apps on it at any one time – yet most users will only use about 5 Apps in anything like a regular daily way.

So the problem is identified.  Human nature dictates that we put all out ‘attention’ into just a small part of what we are interested in.

The Solution is tougher than going to the Gym.  Discipline and diligence are required as we force ourselves to look further afield for more material related to the subject we want to know about.  It’s just no good claiming to be interested in Fashion if you just follow Lady Gaga on Instagram.  More depth is required.

Where does that leave your Facebook Page – well in exactly the same place?  If you want to be successful in work – then it’s no good just having a Facebook Page – it needs to be filled with something and made to be interesting for people to come and look at.

I began this Post thinking delete the page if you are not using it, but actually, that is not a solution – better to go to the ‘Tech Gym’ and start expressing what it is you like about what you do.