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Brighton SEO – Full Slides
11th October, 2018

FULL Credit to Site Visibility in Brighton for putting these together.  If any NCompass clients are interested in SEO – then please feel free to take a look at any of these first-class presentations.

The day ended with a rather shocking (meant to shock) look at how Google have gradually squeezed the Content Publisher out of their equation as they concentrate on their Users.  The Video is worth watching to.

Morning Sessions

Content Marketing

Onsite Tech SEO

Site Speed

Customer Experience



International Marketing

Mid Morning Sessions

Content Strategy


SEO Tools

Mobile & AMP

Project Management

Personal Development

European Market

Early Afternoon Sessions


Link Building

Voice Search

Crawl Management

Ecommerce PPC

Javascript & SEO

  • Martin Splitt – Building search-friendly web apps with JavaScript
  • Jamie Alberico – SEO for AngularJS

International Expansion

Mid-Afternoon Sessions

Ranking Factors


Small Budget

  • Joe Doveton – Small is Beautiful: Site Optimisation for SMBs
  • Izabela Wisniewska – 13 ways to build links without big budgets
  • Dom Hodgson – Shit, we’ve launched. Now what do I do?

Ecommerce Trends

Paid Social


  • James Brown – Six Site Migration Fails & How To Avoid Them
  • Esteve Castells – Learnings of Migrating 100,000 Subdomains to Subfolders
  • Dan Patmore – Navigating the pitfalls of website migration

If you have any questions on SEO that we can prehaps answer for you, please feel free to get in contact.