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WordPress – Plugin Updates
24th November, 2018

This will be a short one… I logged into my own WordPress website today, barely a week since I last logged in and out of 19 Plugins that I have installed, 12 needed an update.  Including the GDPR Plugin I have that was hacked a week ago – are they are Target?

In short – we offer an extremely competitive WordPress Maintenance Service for just £25 per month we’ll make sure that all your WordPress Plugins are up to date and that your website is secure and protected from Hackers.

I say extremely competitive as I hear yesterday that another web development agency was charging £500 per occasion that they needed to update plugins.

Prices for Internet Services, Web design, management, maintenance, SEO and so on remain all over the place.  Industry watchdogs are trying to set the tone, but there remains the most massive amount of discrepancy between Agencies big and small.

However, back to the point, for a piece of mind service where you can be confident that your WordPress website is fully up to date, working, protected and secure, just give us a shout and we’ll start monitoring your website for you.  What is there to lose?