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Content Strategy has Arrived
3rd January, 2019

Launching an all-new service for NCompass – Content Strategy and Management.

What’s behind this initiative

Content is king, never before has Google placed content so highly up the list of SEO requirements, with good content your website will rock and competitors banished to the far corners of the Internet.  Equally, never before has it been so difficult to produce high-quality content.

Enter our Copy-writers, Strategists and Planners.

SEO and The Effect of good Copy

Part of the new strategy we want to promote is that SEO while remaining the basis of good content will now concentrate on Technical, on-page and Link Building.  Where we did put our energies into Content – we will now put the same energies into getting more links, making sure the website is optimised and up to date.

Your role as a client of NCompass will be to produce the Content.

Content Plans

To help – we will provide a full Content Strategy Plan.  An updated document that can be shared at all times, giving you absolute control and knowledge over the Content you want to provide for your users.  This is a proactive plan as opposed to a reactive one.

Please take a look at our Content Strategy Brochure for more information.