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Top Tips for Voice SEO
24th May, 2018

I’ll not quibble over numbers because I don’t think they matter… I think it was 2009 when I told you the Mobile web was upon us. And did you laugh at me then? Voice search and voice-activated devices are coming and they are going to completely dwarf the changes that Mobile brought.  Mobile was essentially […]

Business Showcase
Do I need GDPR?
23rd April, 2018

So you read my email – thank you.  I’m now going to attempt to justify why you need GDPR compliance – first of all, let’s look at the reality.  What a pain… it’s the EU, it’s about big business, it’s designed to stop Facebook stealing your data, it’s all of the above – but it […]

The Humble Alt Tag
26th March, 2018

It doesn’t matter how you dress it up the ‘alt tag’ is a vital weapon in your SEO armoury. What is it? Whenever you use an image in a website the HTML tells the web browser where to find that image and provides the opportunity to describe that image with ‘alternative text’ hence alt tag. […]

GDPR Compliance for your Website
18th March, 2018

So, GDPR, the bugbear in the room needs to be discussed, this post is going to be short, I’ll let you Google ‘GDPR Compliance’ and work out what it all means for yourself or your business.  Suffice to say. the threats of non-compliance are big and the job of working out GDPR is vast…  I […]

Digital Knowledge Manager
6th February, 2018

Did you hear the one about what a Housewife should earn if she was Paid as if it was a normal paid job?  Even back in 2015, it came in at about £160,000 a year.  I’ll let you read it here: www.telegraph.co.uk. The same is nearly true for a Digital Knowledge Manager and I’ll note that […]

Scroll or Click – that Remains the Question
22nd October, 2017

To Scroll or Click has been a fundamental question of website design since we first started, with the advent of Mobiles and smaller screens and the time it takes for a page to load – the assumption in all recent usability tests has been to all for Scrolling over Clicks. The ideal situation is to […]

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