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eCommerce – It’s a VAT thing
19th January, 2010

We have been here before, but VAT has now gone back up to 20% and the question will be what difference will it make? Perhaps the most remarkable difference will be that is allows companies to re-evaluate their spending. Because Direct Debits and Standing Orders have to be adjusted the question will be, ‘Just what […]

By the time you read this – website planning
15th December, 2009

Christmas will be past and probably New Year as well, yet I am writing in mid December. So the Tip of the Month, forward website planning and flexibility, I really am not joking when I speak of the complexities of websites, their creation and their sophistication; integration with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook is now defacto […]

Christmas Shopping Online – for myself
14th December, 2007

Gift-wrapping, delivery options, world wide present giving, it is all so easy nowadays with the e-commerce websites falling over themselves to please us. Yet they still get it all so wrong. 90% of e-commerce websites are designed to sell to you and you alone, the other 10% are designed so that you can send others […]

Am I becoming a lazy web developer
27th April, 2007

I hope not, I think not… I haven’t written anything for a while, because I have been going back to basics. I have spent the first 3 months of this year getting very excited about Blogs, Web 2.0 and search engines, the reason being because I am a strong believer in using existing technology for […]

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