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WordPress – Plugin Updates
24th November, 2018

This will be a short one… I logged into my own WordPress website today, barely a week since I last logged in and out of 19 Plugins that I have installed, 12 needed an update.  Including the GDPR Plugin I have that was hacked a week ago – are they are Target? In short – […]

Common Magento 2 SSH Commands
10th October, 2018

As someone relatively new to Magento 2, yet a long time user of Magento 1, I thought I publish a list of common Magento 2 SSH commands that I seem to be frequenttly using. I’m guessing this post is more for developers than our clients, but it could still be helpful, I hope. For our servers we […]

Brexit Update – I mean why not?
22nd August, 2018

Deal or No Deal, with Brexit due in 6 months or so, we have to start thinking what practical steps are required, so short and sweet – Plan. Importing from the rest of the world, well I suspect little to no change, Importing or exporting from Europe is where all the action will be, so […]

Summer Workload
27th June, 2018

There used to be a time when summer was for holidays and quiet times.  It was these times that I would promote Christmas and Back to School, the idea was to get ready now and you’ll be set for a good Autumn.  Oh! how times have changed. The world’s moved on and I am getting […]

Shall we talk Facebook Privacy?
17th April, 2018

No boring – how to switch it all off – for me – how to lock down your Facebook Privacy setting, or even comment on Mark Zuckerberg, that’s old hat and you can go find that stuff out yourself.  Just Google it. No, I’m thinking about the ubiquitous Facebook and other Social Media icons that […]

The Humble Alt Tag
26th March, 2018

It doesn’t matter how you dress it up the ‘alt tag’ is a vital weapon in your SEO armoury. What is it? Whenever you use an image in a website the HTML tells the web browser where to find that image and provides the opportunity to describe that image with ‘alternative text’ hence alt tag. […]

A Christmas gone Crazy
23rd December, 2017

Happy Christmas Everyone – from us here at NCompass, we want to thank you all for sticking with us during what has been an astoundingly busy period the like of which we have never experienced before. In short, for most clients, I hope everything has paid off.  We know that there have been challenges for […]

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