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Expansion Plans for NCompass.
29th April, 2016

Since this is a Blog that is entirely aimed at our Clients and should anyone else read it then excellent.  But news for our clients is important and the changes that are going on within NCompass worth knowing: New Staff We welcome Robert Grant ([email protected]) to the team in Dorset, with unlimited years of Internet Service […]

The Internet Globalization Effect
19th November, 2015

We’re travelling at the moment, that’s fine, we’re western, British and the world is our oyster, we can go where we like and more or less do what we like, a British passport holder can walk into more countries than any other nationality without any interference from anyone.  And when we get there we stay […]

Working on the Move – Holiday WiFi
2nd September, 2015

Totally doable in this day and age and a great lot of fun it is too.  I’m always a little apprehensive about going on Holiday, leaving home, getting to be with the family, we English do it in style with houses in France, Spain, and all over the world, vacations in exotic places and not […]

Banks and their Greed
2nd May, 2010

When you subscribe to my blog you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get – could be technical help, and idea for a website or a political statement.  Sorry that is the way it is – I like to use my blog to talk about what’s going on in my brain and not to […]

Apple Malware
14th April, 2010

I am going to write this because I am fed up with the Apple Malware approach – I know people like Apple – I do to, but they are abusing us at every step.  I use iTunes, it’s great – plays all my music beautifully.  I’ve tried other music players, but nothing matches the simplicity […]

The art of updating websites
19th September, 2009

Okay this month I need to make something clear – I get numerous requests to allow people to update their own website, text, photos and so on. I charge my fees and then make this all possible. However all too frequently I am finding that clients aren’t using the tools I give for them updating […]

A Political Dream – MP’s Expenses Scandal
26th June, 2009

I want a floating duck house I want to clear my moat I need to mend my tennis court That’s why I need your vote. I have to build a portico My swimming pool needs mending My lovely plants need horse manure And the Aga needs much tending A chandelier is vital Mock Tudor boards […]