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Skype for Business
29th November, 2007

Skype is a fantastic tool for any business these days… However you need to be aware of the following: Skype for business is not the cheapest – there are others, but on Balance the extra cost does not matter as so many people use Skype it makes it much more worth while Skype is fundamentally […]


That is the question, it is not one I intend to answer accept to say that everyone will have their own opinion. I am working here in Italy, in a beach resort where the season is strictly July and August only. I have an office and to help pay for it I installed a few […]

Tip of the month – Charity Online
31st May, 2007

The British are fantastic givers of charity and it is common that as soon as the need arises the English will dig deep into their pockets. This can all be done on line now and the following websites are examples of how charity is going on line: Just Giving This great website allows people to […]

Ataxia & Justgiving
3rd May, 2007

Another wonderful use of technology, here I am combining quite a few of my lists, services and other stuff. Where shall I start. Page I am trying to promote: http://www.justgiving.com/ollyandleni Reason, a niece and 2 nephews are diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia. This is a very debilitating disease, but I won’t go into much detail right […]

New Canon Camera Adventures
5th April, 2007

Just made it to Paris and have had a bit of an adventure with our Camera, my daughter in an effort to change the batteries undid all the screws on the camera and suitably lost them. A number of weeks passed. Then out on our new boat I went to take some photos and the […]

Picasa Web
2nd March, 2007

I thought I’d look into something different tonight, I use Picasa (www.picasa.com) now part of Google as it is unbelievably quick when it comes to uploading photos for sharing on the web, I also like the ability to choose various digital printing services, and so on. I must look into whether or not this is […]