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Viral Marketing our first effort
27th October, 2014

Have you shared, liked, clicked or laughed at some 90 second funny video.  Of course you have, humans are emotive creatures and we love a laugh and a bit of sentimentality. Well now we’re having a a go at that very same thing.  This is the first in series of what we hope will be […]

Future of Web Design
17th October, 2014

I think I’m working this out – your thoughts are welcome. Like with every Industry the IT/Internet/Web Industries are growing up, computers aren’t what they were, Mobile phone can do ‘everything’ and all the pioneers of programming stuff are reaching their fifties or even thinking about retiring. So where are we all going.  We have […]

Social Media Round Up
9th October, 2014

I’ve been on Facebook since 2006 (8 years) and Twitter since March 2007 (7 years) – Wowzers it’s been a long time. I’m also pointing out that 93% of America Marketeers are planing to significantly increase their social media spending for Christmas 2014, I forget where I read these things probably Twitter, but regardless of […]

Stop and Think – Plan Plan Plan
23rd September, 2014

Ok -a rant coming along – here goes – you’ve been warned. I see far to many companies organise their marketing around a sort of reactionary ideas list, or if you really want to put it another way – on a whim. Ideas fly, events happen and ALS Ice Challenges come and they go. But […]

HTTPS Everywhere – What is it?
10th August, 2014

In a nutshell HTTPS is a secure way for you to browse the Internet. You’ll have recognised that most URL’s start with HTTP:// in front of the usual www, but with the extra ‘S’ in there it makes your website secure. In the past using HTTP means that it is relatively easy for criminals, crooks, […]

Have you missed the Facebook Boat?
11th July, 2014

I get a weekly report from Facebook about all the pages on Facebook that I manage, if you’re not sure what Facebook Pages are – they are the ‘company’ side of Facebook where you can follow the brands, artists, shops, topics, companies, organisations, charities or anything else… instead of befriending someone you can just ‘like’ […]

Busy Days – Keep Blogging no matter what
4th July, 2014

A short blog post from me this month as you’ll see I’ve not been blogging recently, a victim of my own advice, things have been wonderfully busy. But when we’re busiest is precisely the time we need to be Blogging and letting people know what we’re doing, in that way we can prepare for the […]