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We the Downtrodden People
10th May, 2010

If ever there was a time when democracy and people power ever existed this is not it. We’ve long complained about the power of the Press, the abuse of power by politicans, well now we have a new foe. The markets. While Cameron and Clegg struggle over policy and try to oust Brown the markets […]

Where do we go from here – Nick?
8th May, 2010

I didn’t write anything yesterday – it’s a hung parliament and when it comes to writing about the result it’s quite different to writing about what the politicians are saying. Now everyones complaining about the situation, but I actually think this result is exactly what we need as a country. It’s spot on, couldn’t be […]

A Hung Parliament – Are there enough Trees
6th May, 2010

It’s almost polling day and we are all a little disillusioned or confused… or at least I am… the best quote I have heard this election remains – “The bad thing about a hung parliament is that that there aren’t enough trees”. It’s about the size of it. In some respects I’ve struggled to follow […]

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