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Did you even know Google actually update the way their Search Engine works? It’s a bit like upgrading your computer or just about anything else these days. So yes Google have announces a massive change in the way they rate websites, in their constant quest that the right website shows up depending on what you […]

Pricing Updates for [email protected] Services
29th April, 2014

It’s always a sad day when we have to impose changes to our pricing in an upwards capacity, but that unfortunately is inflation and also a sign that we are getting dramatically busier as the recession moves on and the activity we undertake on your behalf grows. Below is a list of our current ‘fixed’ […]

Has LinkedIn lost it’s way?
23rd March, 2014

I need a Blog Post… have you wondered about how to remember and idea, well writing a quick blog posts seems like a good idea. LinkedIn – we’ve worked out Facebook Pages and they are crucial, Twitter just bangs out updates, but its real strength probably lies in customer service.  Google Plus is essential for […]

The Future of Gmail
19th March, 2014

Before I start – this is not just about Gmail… it’a about Hotmail, YahooMail and Gmail, with a little bit of Apple thrown in for good measure. Clients are reaching their limits – inboxes are full, back up arrangements limited, computers replaced with iPads and mobiles, you know me – I’ve been on about this […]

Welcome to Tim Dunham
14th March, 2014

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Tim to the [email protected] Team. Tim’s role is to update and manage existing websites, catering for clients that need changes made be they a telephone number or entire new sections added to their website. Clients needs vary – but in an environment where the mighty Google needs […]

What exactly are we Creating?
28th February, 2014

I noted the other day that my most popular Blog Post this month was one that I wrote back in 2010 about the Value of a Website within which I brought up Net Neutrality and indeed now NetFlix is paying US Internet Service Provider Comcast to accelerate films for their customers, giving Netflix a huge advantage […]

Why you shouldn’t advertise on Social Media
12th February, 2014

This one is going to hurt! We all want likes and we value organisation that successfully have thousands if not millions of likes and followers on their social media.  But you cannot buy them… EVER! Here’s roughly why – then you should watch this short Video.  Roughly Social Media is a SOCIAL thing… people talking […]