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Adwords or SEO – which to choose?
15th November, 2018

Which to chose, Adwords or SEO, if you only have a limited Budget.  and we’ll talk about Budgets in a bit as well. Basically, the answer is simple, Adwords should be treated at the shortcut way to getting ranked for keywords you feel you’re missing out on.  We at NCompass have a number of criteria […]

Adwords Quality Score
19th June, 2016

I don’t normally get to technical about what we do, not from a lack of willingness, but in order to keep interest and understanding to the maximum level I can within the boundaries of computers and the Internet. Maybe not always the most interesting subject for our clients as they focus on their businesses and […]

You’ll always be better than me!
22nd April, 2013

I have to write these Posts as I think of them, so it’s down tools for 10 minutes while I bash this out. We work hard for our clients, we really do, we advise, strategise, implement, reflect, analyses, develop and push.  But then suddenly a client gets a Boost – what caused it… certainly nothing we did – […]

Is there still life in Google Adwords
26th January, 2012

Google missing an earnings expectation this week (www.wsj.com) and from my prospective Google Adwords is becoming a lot more complicated.  I have Chris however to help out and in our weekly reviews of all the accounts we run I am often astounded by the amount of work we have to do to keep to budget and stay […]

New – Web Marketing Reporting
18th May, 2011

Reporting on the effects and progress of your website remains a confusing and challenging problem for most people.  The truth is – reporting is largely ignored.  Emails are sent and then ignored and as a case in point, I simply ‘forgot’ to send March reports and NO-ONE has noticed. The case for reporting You need […]

Instant search has arrived
16th September, 2010

If you go to Google right now you might notice that your search results start appearing as you type.  This is Google’s new Instant Search in operation. This is a massive change for Google because now your search is refined each time you type in a letter and this has a big effects both positive […]