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Busy Days – Keep Blogging no matter what
4th July, 2014

A short blog post from me this month as you’ll see I’ve not been blogging recently, a victim of my own advice, things have been wonderfully busy. But when we’re busiest is precisely the time we need to be Blogging and letting people know what we’re doing, in that way we can prepare for the […]

Advertising on your Blog
16th March, 2012

Beefing up your Blog is a good idea and here’s why. You’ve probably branded your Blog to suit your website and requirements.  But have you thought this through properly.  Think of your industry and what you’re trying to achieve.  Are you still stuck in the corporate Branding game? When’s the last time you visited a […]

Collaboration – what others can do for you
12th March, 2012

Reading my industry magazine .Net (yes I still read proper printer material), the power of collaboration and how essential this is to your website and offering. Every month there’s a showcase section where specific people are invited to recommend their most impressive websites on a given topic… These people have committed to this magazine to […]

Bloggers – take heart
6th January, 2012

Do you slightly wonder whose reading your hard work… who is actually looking at your Blog and investigating and even taking things to the next step.  Let’s not forget a primary reason for having a Blog is to engage with your customer base. Fact is most customers won’t be reading your Blog, fact is even […]

Blogging – what’s it for?
15th December, 2011

I thought I’d refocus attention on the Blog for a bit… Why do we do it, why do we recommend scratching heads, thinking of ideas, jotting things down, planning what to say, creating stories, digging out news and the odd photo.  What is the point of a Blog. The answer is as always with the […]

Joomla or WordPress – Which?
22nd July, 2011

I get asked this often and feel some outside clarity is required as such I do recommend reading this discussion on LinkedIn.  It hold very valuable insight into which platform you should be looking at when choosing a CMS (content management system) for your website. The argument runs, which is better for SEO (Search Engine […]

Writing for your Clients
3rd April, 2011

I’ve been wondering why my Blog receives so little attention from my clients and from my industry.  I read other peoples Blogs and some of what they have to say ticks with me, but most is largely meaningless to me however well written it might be.  I also aim to attempt through my own efforts […]

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