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Coming Soon – Business Analysis
16th September, 2016

We know the web and hopefully you know your business – the issue is where do we draw the line on that.  Step in Business Analysis – that’s a bit of OTT description perhaps of what we provide, but let’s not beat around the bush – a common question we’re asked is how to get […]

Web Design – What a Mess!
24th May, 2016

I’m confused and stressed, website are becoming more complicated by the day and where is it all going anyway?  Web Design – it’s a mess at the moment, I have two main dividing forces in me for the future, but what’s your take? what are your thoughts? I love technology, but I see computers and in particular […]

China – We can do it!
22nd February, 2016

China is a very different proposition for UK based Websites and Businesses, less we not forget that we are a UK web design consultancy dealing with the needs of UK and International businesses and that this Blog is itself designed for our clients and for raising questions about what our clients should be doing for […]

Lessons from America
15th January, 2016

Have I been wrong?  All this time? In the UK I strive to provide value for customers… the Internet has grown up around the concept that everything is Free or Cheap, easy to set up a child could do it, they do it.  You can build a Google out of a Garage, opportunities abound… but […]

Exciting Times – Expansion Ahead
16th October, 2013

This are exciting time for NCompass with a number of expansion plans ahead in the next few months.  One tends to think of IT companies in terms of days, weeks or months as times move fast. First up – we’ve launched new a new Support Desk for clients, we’ve introduced a new Cloud Accounting system, […]

Blackberry, IT and Tech Accountability
12th October, 2011

So Blackberry users have suffered a couple of days without service, I remember switching a client to Gmail and then the very next day Gmail suffered on of it’s worst outages ever.  Many [email protected] clients have themselves suffered outages from email and website hosting services. And I sympathise with all and everyone affected by any […]