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The Future of Gmail
19th March, 2014

Before I start – this is not just about Gmail… it’a about Hotmail, YahooMail and Gmail, with a little bit of Apple thrown in for good measure. Clients are reaching their limits – inboxes are full, back up arrangements limited, computers replaced with iPads and mobiles, you know me – I’ve been on about this […]

A First – A Limitation on your Email Accounts
28th October, 2013

With the rise of iPads and iPhones and other connected devices has come the inevitable rise in wanting your email anywhere anytime is totally understandable. However, a brief explanation is required to ensure understanding of what we’re about to do. Email that is sent to you is stored on our servers – until such time […]

A question G – I mean Email
4th March, 2013

The world of Email is changing and what are your options.  In reality this is catching a lot of people by surprise, but obviously is all makes sense both business wise and for you future needs. The only trouble is it might start costing you: Current situationMost email is run from POP accounts or for […]

Stay in Touch this Christmas
16th December, 2010

I didn’t really like my last posting too whingy about things I cannot control.  This post should be much more fun.  How to stay in touch over the Xmas holidays. I better state – I am on holiday – let’s not quibble over that, in the last weeks I have launched www.table-place.co.uk, www.jillbarnesdacey.com, www.silvermagpie.co.uk and […]

Email – Best Practice & Outages
18th October, 2010

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you realise that your email is just not working.  You hit ‘send and receive’ a couple of times, an error message pops up – ‘wrong password’, or worse your emails bounce and you site just thinking to your self – “what’s going on – what have I done […]